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Angie & Jackie

Holy hot lesbian shit. I don’t think I’ve had much lez action lately. Why does one always have to have the dyke haircuts? Can’t it just be two hot chicks with long hair and big boobs who like to eat pussy? Actually scratch that. How bout all the short haired manly chicks hook up with each other all they want, and the sexy ones stay straight and fuck me. I want three cheers for straight girls. Three cheers, and two nude pics, in an e-mail to me. Now.


20090127aj-bed.jpg 20090127aj-bed2.jpg 20090127aj-bed3.jpg 20090127aj-bed4.jpg 20090127aj-bed5.jpg 20090127aj-bed6.jpg 20090127aj-bed7.jpg 20090127aj-bed8.jpg 20090127aj-bed9.jpg 20090127aj-bed9.jpg 20090127aj-bed10.jpg 20090127aj-bed11.jpg 20090127aj-bed12.jpg 20090127aj-bed13.jpg 20090127aj-bed14.jpg 20090127aj-bed15.jpg 20090127aj-bed17.jpg 20090127aj-bed19.jpg 20090127aj-bed21.jpg 20090127aj-bed22.jpg 20090127aj-bed23.jpg 20090127aj-bed24.jpg 20090127aj-bed25.jpg 20090127aj-fedora1-1.jpg 20090127aj-fedora1.jpg 20090127aj-fedora2.jpg 20090127aj-fedora3.jpg 20090127aj-fedora4.jpg 20090127aj-fedora5.jpg 20090127aj-fedora6.jpg 20090127aj-fedora7.jpg 20090127aj-fedora8.jpg 20090127aj-fedora9.jpg 20090127aj-fedora10.jpg 20090127aj-jackie017.jpg 20090127aj-jackie031.jpg 20090127aj-jackie033.jpg 20090127aj-jackiegonewild.jpg 20090127aj-naked1.jpg 20090127aj-naked3.jpg

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Photobucket : AngieAndJackie
First Names : Angie & Jackie

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Go Team FreakyLesbianChick

Well the actual Photobucket name was GoTeamSexy, but I think my title has a better ring to it. It rolls off the tongue, like so much pussy juice does on for young lady. I do enjoy the gauged ear lobes, and jewelry better suited for a 6 year old. That’s hot.


20090116gts-013.jpg 20090116gts-021.jpg 20090116gts-92.jpg 20090116gts-01310087.jpg 20090116gts-01310089.jpg 20090116gts-01310090.jpg 20090116gts-01310092.jpg 20090116gts-01310093.jpg 20090116gts-306049806_abd4cab800.jpg 20090116gts-dscf3331.jpg 20090116gts-dscf3396.jpg 20090116gts-dscf4133.jpg 20090116gts-dscf4140.jpg 20090116gts-dscf4250.jpg 20090116gts-dscf4588.jpg 20090116gts-dscf4590.jpg 20090116gts-dscf4991.jpg 20090116gts-dscf6097.jpg

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Photobucket : GoTeamSexy
First Name : (Unknown)

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Lesbians Just Havin A Good Time On The Beach In The Middle Of The Night

I’m a master of subtlety. This is just a bunch of photos of some cute girls fascinated with vagina. I don’t know where or when the pics were taken. I don’t even remember where I found them. Its pure lesbian hotness. Now vote and click my ads, and I’ll love you forever.


20081202lab-1.jpg 20081202lab-1-2.jpg 20081202lab-1-3.jpg 20081202lab-1-4.jpg 20081202lab-1-5.jpg 20081202lab-1-6.jpg 20081202lab-1-7.jpg 20081202lab-1-8.jpg 20081202lab-1-9.jpg 20081202lab-1-10.jpg 20081202lab-1-11.jpg 20081202lab-1-12.jpg 20081202lab-1-14.jpg 20081202lab-1-15.jpg 20081202lab-1-16.jpg 20081202lab-1-17.jpg 20081202lab-1-18.jpg 20081202lab-1-19.jpg 20081202lab-1-48.jpg 20081202lab-1-49.jpg 20081202lab-1-50.jpg 20081202lab-1-51.jpg 20081202lab-1-53.jpg 20081202lab-1-54.jpg 20081202lab-1-55.jpg 20081202lab-1-56.jpg

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Photobucket : (Unknown)

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Dance Tanita With Lesbian Action

DanceTanita is the Photobucket, and its chock full of les scenes, which are always enjoyable, and a great change of pace if I do say so myself. I guess I would refer to her and her carpet licking friends as ‘scene girls’ even though some would tell me to be a bit more specific. If I wanted to be super correct I would say she is bi-sexual not lesbian. But I don’t. I’d rather generalize, label, judge and broadly lump chicks into categories with no regard for anything or anybody. Enjoy the porn guys, keep downloading and shit too.


20081122dt-photo2.jpg 20081122dt-photo4.jpg 20081122dt-photo29.jpg 20081122dt-photo33.jpg 20081122dt-photo34.jpg 20081122dt-pict0003-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0007.jpg 20081122dt-pict0008.jpg 20081122dt-pict0009-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0010-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0014-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0023-2.jpg 20081122dt-pict0023.jpg 20081122dt-pict0024-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0025-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0025-2.jpg 20081122dt-pict0029-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0034.jpg 20081122dt-pict0037-2.jpg 20081122dt-pict0039-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0040-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0041.jpg 20081122dt-pict0047-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0048-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0067-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0070-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0071-2.jpg 20081122dt-pict0078.jpg 20081122dt-pict0081-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0070.jpg 20081122dt-pict0071-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0079.jpg 20081122dt-pict0081.jpg 20081122dt-pict0082.jpg 20081122dt-pict0083.jpg 20081122dt-pict0086.jpg 20081122dt-pict0087.jpg 20081122dt-propertypix23651054.jpg 20081122dt-propertypix23651057.jpg 20081122dt-propertypix23651076.jpg

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Photobucket : DanceTanita
First Name : Tanita

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Neoteny Girls Are Hot

For those who don’t know, Neoteny is basically the declination of ones maturity, essentially a person reverting from adulthood and/or remaining in a state of arrested development. It is a pretty accurate description for these chicks. It is also the user name of the Photobucket account in question. The sub folder is Girls Are Hot. See how creative I am in picking the titles of my posts? I hope you all enjoy these lil bi-sexual scene girlies.


20081110tgah-p1020804.jpg 20081110tgah-p1020821.jpg 20081110tgah-p1020843.jpg 20081110tgah-p1020846.jpg 20081110tgah-p1020848.jpg 20081110tgah-p1020849.jpg 20081110tgah-p1020854.jpg 20081110tgah-p1020860.jpg 20081110tgah-p1020863.jpg 20081110tgah-p1020866.jpg 20081110tgah-p1020868.jpg 20081110tgah-p1020869.jpg 20081110tgah-p1020878.jpg 20081110tgah-p1020883.jpg

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Photobucket : Neoteny
First Names : (Unknown)

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Lesbian Jess With Her Camera Phone

Another great set from an ex. I guess the girl Jess was a bit bi-curious. There’s pictures of her eating pussy and also one pic of her getting fucked.


20081102lj-jess.jpeg 20081102lj-jess1.jpeg 20081102lj-jess3.jpeg 20081102lj-jess21.jpeg 20081102lj-jess4.jpeg 20081102lj-jess5.jpeg 20081102lj-jess6.jpeg 20081102lj-jess7.jpeg 20081102lj-jess8.jpeg 20081102lj-jess9.jpeg 20081102lj-ye.jpeg

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Alcoholics Like Topless Car-Show Chicks

Found these pics while perusing around Photobucket for tits. The bucket was Alcoholic, and the pics are fantastic with great 1024×768 resolution. If you enjoy big fake tits and cars, I think you’ll like these women.


20081016ab-p5260181.jpg 20081016ab-p5260182.jpg 20081016ab-p5260183.jpg 20081016ab-p5260237.jpg 20081016ab-p5260238.jpg 20081016ab-p5260239.jpg 20081016ab-p5260249.jpg 20081016ab-p5260250.jpg 20081016ab-p5260251.jpg 20081016ab-p5260254.jpg 20081016ab-p5260255.jpg 20081016ab-p5260256.jpg 20081016ab-p5260257.jpg 20081016ab-p5260258.jpg 20081016ab-p5260259.jpg 20081016ab-p5260260.jpg 20081016ab-p5260261.jpg 20081016ab-p5260262.jpg 20081016ab-p5260263.jpg 20081016ab-p5260264.jpg 20081016ab-p5260266.jpg 20081016ab-p5260267.jpg 20081016ab-p5260272.jpg 20081016ab-p5260273.jpg 20081016ab-p5260274.jpg 20081016ab-p5260275.jpg 20081016ab-p5260278.jpg 20081016ab-p5260279.jpg 20081016ab-p5260280.jpg 20081016ab-p5260281.jpg 20081016ab-p5260283.jpg