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Ashley, Another Exclusive, From A Fan

See this is why I always say I have the best fans on the internet. Here’s some pics of an adorable little cum drinker named Ashley. I’m of course assuming it’s ok to divulge her name. These were sent to me by her lovely ex, and taken with quite the excellent quality camera. With that being said, they are obviously more bandwidth raping photographs, and if you do indeed have the desire to look at all of them, download the rar!


20081230ash-_MG_0002.jpg 20081230ash-_MG_0005.jpg 20081230ash-_MG_0005.jpg 20081230ash-_MG_0008.jpg 20081230ash-_MG_0011.jpg 20081230ash-_MG_0012.jpg 20081230ash-_MG_0014.jpg 20081230ash-_MG_0016.jpg 20081230ash-_MG_0024.jpg 20081230ash-_MG_0025.jpg 20081230ash-_MG_0026.jpg 20081230ash-_MG_0028.jpg 20081230ash-_MG_0037.jpg 20081230ash-_MG_0043.jpg 20081230ash-_MG_0053.jpg 20081230ash-_MG_0057.jpg 20081230ash-_MG_0059.jpg 20081230ash-_MG_0060.jpg 20081230ash-DSC00380.jpg 20081230ash-DSC00542.jpg 20081230ash-DSC00552.jpg 20081230ash-DSC01320.jpg 20081230ash-DSC01342.jpg 20081230ash-DSC01349.jpg 20081230ash-DSC01351.jpg 20081230ash-DSC01362.jpg 20081230ash-DSC01363.jpg 20081230ash-DSC01365.jpg 20081230ash-DSC01366.jpg 20081230ash-DSC01367.jpg 20081230ash-Picture 004.jpg 20081230ash-Picture 005.jpg 20081230ash-Picture 008.jpg 20081230ash-Picture 050.jpg 20081230ash-Picture 053.jpg

Download Picture Set & From Uploading
Download Picture Set & From HotFile

Source : Fan
First Name : Ashley
Forum Thread : ..

New Advertiser & Advertisee

Publisher is probably the more correct term as opposed to Advertisee which isn’t a word. Just wanted to introduce the new site I’m advertising on …This happens to be my GO TO site to find humorous photos and videos on a daily basis. Although there is a pop-up there, there is very little advertising elsewhere, and just about no misleading links. You’ll see the Real Web Whores in the corner.

Now for the new Publisher… EDIT: CashTraffic fucked me over! They are FUCKING SCAM, someone end them.

Oh btw, I streamlined this site a bit, look below. I got rid of that TAG/CATEGORY shit, I noticed while taking a look back at my site, they were garbage and obnoxious, and most importantly unnecessary. I just want the DATE – USER – COMMENTS (#) – FAV [+]. Now because of limitations, and common sense, the FAV will only show up if you are logged in.

Hopefully this will encourage commenting and anal sex.
\/                                     \/                             \/                                      \/

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Hey Everyone, Jennifer Loves You!

Few GOOD pics only, as most of the accounts go. So many clothed pics though. Why? Who wants to see you fully dressed? If I wanted to see you just relaxin by the pool and walkin around the store, etc, I would just follow you around with a video camera, like a gentleman. I want tits damnit! And lots of tits! And pussy! So please keep this in mind for next time. End rant.


20081230jly00-jenniferspics003-3.jpg 20081230jly00-jenniferspics027-1.jpg 20081230jly00-jenniferspics060-1.jpg 20081230jly00-jenniferspics065-2.jpg 20081230jly00-jenniferspics066-2.jpg 20081230jly00-jenniferspics068-2.jpg 20081230jly00-jenniferspics072-2.jpg 20081230jly00-jenniferspics088-1.jpg 20081230jly00-jenniferspics090-32.jpg 20081230jly00-jenniferspics091-22.jpg 20081230jly00-jenniferspics114-22.jpg 20081230jly00-jenniferspics115-2.jpg 20081230jly00-jenniferspics137.jpg 20081230jly00-jenniferspics268.jpg 20081230jly00-jenniferspics273.jpg 20081230jly00-jenniferspics274.jpg 20081230jly00-newswimsuit.jpg 20081230jly00-newswimsuitpose.jpg 20081230jly00-stomache.jpg

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Photobucket : JenniferLovesYou00
First Name : Jennifer

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Sexi Lil Thing

I’ve seen this girl other places, and I might need some help in explaining her pics. Her PB name was SeXiLiltHiNg8669 and that was her name on WouldYouHitThis. The part where I get confused is the fact that all the pics are stripped of any camera info, an odd resolution and low quality. I think she may have upped them somewhere, then took them down and saved them afterwards. Still worth posting for sure though.


20081230slt8669-11.jpg 20081230slt8669-11-1.jpg 20081230slt8669-11-2.jpg 20081230slt8669-11-4.jpg 20081230slt8669-11-5.jpg 20081230slt8669-00027080011226895511965.jpg 20081230slt8669-00266130011224803723140.jpg 20081230slt8669-00434790011274334326859.jpg 20081230slt8669-00953320011274234689115.jpg 20081230slt8669-01110640011274333568576.jpg 20081230slt8669-01425090011224916856762.jpg 20081230slt8669-02400340011269901188381.jpg 20081230slt8669-02655520011274224742650.jpg 20081230slt8669-02701610011274333709086.jpg 20081230slt8669-03892430011226890878020.jpg 20081230slt8669-04038110011227671398340.jpg 20081230slt8669-04565010011274234854273.jpg 20081230slt8669-04858530011226902272483.jpg 20081230slt8669-04887240011092928973831.jpg 20081230slt8669-04960490011107673657685.jpg 20081230slt8669-05046590011227728581167.jpg 20081230slt8669-05247200011143006317398.jpg 20081230slt8669-052472000111430063173981.jpg 20081230slt8669-05608440011274333349466.jpg 20081230slt8669-05620400011107668902001.jpg 20081230slt8669-05837860011224753193028.jpg 20081230slt8669-06392520011102517819559.jpg 20081230slt8669-06404120011224824985671.jpg 20081230slt8669-06587660011107666099155.jpg 20081230slt8669-06970640011269900727845.jpg 20081230slt8669-07036200011274224857641.jpg 20081230slt8669-07061130011274224639556.jpg 20081230slt8669-07230060011274333442289.jpg 20081230slt8669-07809020011142999702618.jpg 20081230slt8669-08091640011224765612737.jpg 20081230slt8669-08513800011218778723164.jpg 20081230slt8669-08930030011269901481587.jpg 20081230slt8669-09112780011226897008419.jpg 20081230slt8669-09439310011224790894272.jpg 20081230slt8669-09512520011274224519738.jpg 20081230slt8669-untitled01.jpg 20081230slt8669-zz.JPG

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Photobucket : SeXiLiltHiNg8669

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You can’t have enough of the girls trying to look sexy in the mirror! That jumble of a word in the title is the name of the PB account, and I don’t know her name but I would guess her bf is Adam. She is a beautiful tan-lined girl.


20081229haj-100_3997.jpg 20081229haj-936762092_orig1.jpg 20081229haj-adamsfly1.jpg 20081229haj-adamsfly2.jpg 20081229haj-adamsfly3.jpg 20081229haj-picture003.jpg 20081229haj-bakview.jpg 20081229haj-dsc00118.jpg 20081229haj-dsc00259.jpg 20081229haj-dsc00267.jpg 20081229haj-dsc00286.jpg 20081229haj-dsc001141.jpg 20081229haj-dsc002901.jpg 20081229haj-dsc002911.jpg 20081229haj-img_0002.jpg 20081229haj-picture002.jpg 20081229haj-picture420.jpg 20081229haj-taytay.jpg

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Photobucket : Hajdamacha
First Name : (Unknown)

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Trish The Milf – Part 6+7 of 500 (Fuji A500)

Well I wanted to get these out quicker, the next 25 pics or so were pretty garbage, so I put them in a zip. Thats Part 6. Here’s Part 7 which includes some nice cum filled thongs, fishnets and ripped stockings. I’m sure this should cover a fetish or two.


Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Part 3 :
Part 4 :
Part 5 :
Part 6 :
Part 7 :
Part 8 :

20081229t6767p7-j2.jpg 20081229t6767p7-j887.jpg 20081229t6767p7-j67980.jpg 20081229t6767p7-j444448.jpg 20081229t6767p7-j9999990.jpg 20081229t6767p7-j111111111111111118.jpg 20081229t6767p7-j33333333331111111111111111111.jpg 20081229t6767p7-j33333333333333333333333333331.jpg 20081229t6767p7-o1.jpg 20081229t6767p7-o5.jpg 20081229t6767p7-o42.jpg 20081229t6767p7-o77.jpg 20081229t6767p7-o098.jpg 20081229t6767p7-o4444443.jpg 20081229t6767p7-o1111111111111111111111.jpg 20081229t6767p7-r2.jpg 20081229t6767p7-r4.jpg 20081229t6767p7-r6.jpg 20081229t6767p7-r12.jpg 20081229t6767p7-r13.jpg 20081229t6767p7-t2.jpg 20081229t6767p7-t4.jpg 20081229t6767p7-t7.jpg 20081229t6767p7-t8.jpg 20081229t6767p7-t09-1.jpg 20081229t6767p7-t9-1.jpg 20081229t6767p7-t098.jpg 20081229t6767p7-v1.jpg 20081229t6767p7-v2.jpg 20081229t6767p7-v6.jpg 20081229t6767p7-v09.jpg 20081229t6767p7-w1.jpg 20081229t6767p7-w44.jpg 20081229t6767p7-w190.jpg 20081229t6767p7-w99996.jpg 20081229t6767p7-w9999999999999999999999999999999999.jpg 20081229t6767p7-y1-1.jpg

Download Picture Set (Part 6)
Download Picture Set (Part 7)
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Photobucket : Trish6767
First Name : Trish

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Another Tattooed, Pierced-Up Little Whore

The chest tattoo and face piercings are there, she doesn’t have the tits to back it up, but I would still fuck her angry while choking her with the boyfriends military tag she wears around her neck.


This is also a shout out to B9 Board, I’m thinkin ^ she might be one of yours.

20081228le-img00035.jpg 20081228le-img00125.jpg 20081228le-img00146.jpg 20081228le-img00152.jpg 20081228le-img00218.jpg 20081228le-img00219.jpg 20081228le-img00222.jpg 20081228le-img00553.jpg 20081228le-img00555.jpg 20081228le-img00556.jpg 20081228le-img00559.jpg 20081228le-img00560.jpg

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Photobucket : LaurenVey
First Name : Lauren