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Raw Piece 10

Looks like what I got last time I paid for the 100 dollar full service. So I really couldn’t complain. I’m usually much more frugal and will spend top dollar on my whores, but when you’re drunk and most likely will forget the previous nights events, you save some of that cashola.


20090930rp10-dsc00004.jpg 20090930rp10-dsc00008.jpg 20090930rp10-dsc00096.jpg
20090930rp10-dsc00117.jpg 20090930rp10-dsc00119.jpg 20090930rp10-dsc00121.jpg

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Photobucket : RawPiece10
First Name : (Unknown)

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Rubi0 – Part 1 of 3

Amazing find by a fan the other day, right after I stopped those goddamn spambots from registering and blowin up the Forum. By the way check it out, its gettin bigger and bigger and there is a place for your requests!


Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Part 3 :
Part 4 :

20090929r22-dsc06345.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06347.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06352.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06353.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06354.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06355.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06359.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06360.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06361.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06363.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06365.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06370.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06371.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06372.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06373.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06374.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06375.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06376.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06377.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06378.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06379.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06380.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06381.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06382.jpg 20090929r22-dsc06384.jpg

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Photobucket : RUBI02_2006
First Name : Rubi or Rubio
Forum Thread : 5124

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That Scene Chick Named Liz

Another famous-ish internet scene whore. She is on all the ads for the little ‘emo girl’ websites you see all the time. I’m gettin all these internet sensation chicks out the way, so I can post more exclusives. Especially since people are ALWAYS asking me, ‘hey you know who this is, or this or this…’ Well this is MissLizFace.


20090929mlf-imag1598.jpg 20090929mlf-imag1716.jpg 20090929mlf-imag1720.jpg 20090929mlf-imag1729.jpg 20090929mlf-imag1736.jpg 20090929mlf-imag1754.jpg 20090929mlf-imag1762.jpg

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Photobucket : MissLizFace
First Name : Liz

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Dylans Collection Of Chicks

Now before I go offending a few thousand people here, I gotta say, I love you all… but I fuckin hate the name Dylan. I just don’t like it. Its asexual, androgynous and terrible name to give to a kid. In my opinion. FEMALE Dylans of the world, when we fuck, I call you baby, you call me daddy, and we’re all good, understand? This account has a few diff chicks in it (apparently) but I needed to get rid of it somewhere, so here.


20090927d1-2c1b.jpg 20090927d1-2ecf.jpg 20090927d1-3a66.jpg 20090927d1-3b74.jpg 20090927d1-3d3d.jpg 20090927d1-3d6f.jpg 20090927d1-4aca.jpg 20090927d1-4c86.jpg 20090927d1-4e42.jpg 20090927d1-6b3b.jpg 20090927d1-6ede.jpg 20090927d1-6fab.jpg 20090927d1-7a75.jpg 20090927d1-7cbe.jpg 20090927d1-7d67.jpg 20090927d1-7e3b.jpg 20090927d1-7f0c.jpg 20090927d1-35db.jpg 20090927d1-42cb.jpg 20090927d1-324b.jpg 20090927d1-1108.jpg 20090927d1-3073.jpg 20090927d1-3301.jpg 20090927d1-3677.jpg 20090927d1-8107.jpg 20090927d1-a88d.jpg 20090927d1-fd1f.jpg

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Photobucket : Dylan1451
First Name : (Unknown)

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Check Out Ruby Knox Live, NOW.

So Ruby was on, I’d say about… 15 min ago? Did some nice signage for us. She had to leave to restart the computer, but should be right back on. I was in there with her keeping her company, watchin her have a little fun by herself ;) Wanted to tell everyone who likes chatting with a gorgeous girl on a nice 640×480 super hi res DVD quality cam, go here NOW sign up and chat with Miss Ruby Knox, tell her RealWebWhores sent ya too! For the record, this isn’t just mindless plugging, Ruby is actually a fan, and I am of her work, and have been for quite a while. Now here’s the vid/signage she made… Thanks babe!

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snapshot20090927065750.jpg snapshot20090927065617.jpg snapshot20090927065641.jpg

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Name : Ruby Knox
Website :
Twitter :

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Tight-Asshole’d Flickr Girl

Yuppp perfect tight sexy lil balloon knot and wonderfully lickable taint/pussy. This little skank goes under the name B_BradyGirl on Flickr. Another ridiculously blunt attempt to get you to download, this chick has TONS of modelling pics, some WITH OTHER GIRLS. You have to download the RAR to see all the other goodies though.


20090927bbg-photos_003.jpg 20090927bbg-photos_005.jpg 20090927bbg-photos_007.jpg 20090927bbg-photos_012.jpg 20090927bbg-photos_014.jpg 20090927bbg-photos_015.jpg 20090927bbg-photos_021.jpg 20090927bbg-photos_024.jpg 20090927bbg-photos_028.jpg 20090927bbg-photos_029.jpg 20090927bbg-photos_030.jpg 20090927bbg-photos_031.jpg 20090927bbg-photos_033.jpg 20090927bbg-photos_037.jpg 20090927bbg-photos_038.jpg 20090927bbg-photos_039.jpg 20090927bbg-photos_042.jpg 20090927bbg-photos_054.jpg

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Flickr : B_BradyGirl
First Name : (Unknown)

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My Tatted Ex

Again I must emphasize people, I LOVE it when I get the original pictures of ex girlfriends from my fans. Like this chick for example. Another RWW Exclusive. Also if you see those last couple pics, she even takes some with her amazingly sexy busty friend. Keep comin back here, we have new exclusive girls every week! OH, you need to DOWNLOAD this set for the original giant pics, they are too big to post on wordpress.


20090926te-118_1211.jpg 20090926te-118_1213.jpg 20090926te-118_1215.jpg 20090926te-118_1217.jpg 20090926te-118_1219.jpg 20090926te-118_1220.jpg 20090926te-118_1222.jpg 20090926te-118_1223.jpg 20090926te-118_1225.jpg 20090926te-118_1227.jpg 20090926te-118_1233.jpg 20090926te-118_1234.jpg 20090926te-118_1237.jpg 20090926te-118_1244.jpg 20090926te-118_1249.jpg 20090926te-118_1251.jpg 20090926te-118_1252.jpg 20090926te-118_1253.jpg 20090926te-118_1258.jpg 20090926te-118_1259.jpg 20090926te-118_1260.jpg 20090926te-118_1262.jpg 20090926te-118_1263.jpg 20090926te-118_1264.jpg 20090926te-118_1269.jpg 20090926te-118_1270.jpg 20090926te-118_1272.jpg 20090926te-118_1275.jpg 20090926te-118_1288.jpg 20090926te-118_1289.jpg 20090926te-118_1290.jpg 20090926te-118_1292.jpg 20090926te-118_1303.jpg

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Source : Fan
First Name : (Unknown)