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Skinny Crotch Rocket Girl

I know there’s only one pic of her on a bike, but based on her MySpace / Photobucket accounts, I’d say she loves the crotch rockets. I almost didn’t put this one up because the quality of the pics were so garbage, but a lot of people like the skinny girls with the really long hair, so whateva, I’ll throw another update for you guys tonight.


20080226sg1-398498535_orig.jpg 20080226sg1-398498541_orig.jpg 20080226sg1-591875509_orig.jpg 20080226sg1-591875513_orig.jpg 20080226sg1-i.jpg 20080226sg1-l_3117d187f313f1da3c34fafb52b08360.jpg 20080226sg1-l_ce566ae34166c61ab03a2b4d30ed2259.jpg

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