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Black And White Photos, Girl Doing Splits On The Bathroom Sink

Now I guessssss we have to call this one a ‘Non-Nude’ since this little chick doesn’t like showing off her beeauuutiful boobies as much as it should be assumed. But damnit if she’s not a 10 shes an 11. Some nice shots of her holding her tits, I’d love to know what she does to keep in that shape and have boobs as big and bouncy as she has :) I do also have several of her colorful pictures, her Photobucket is always adding new ones too. It’s ‘sexy_chic47′ for those of you who love to know the Photobucket names. She’s one of those way too cool for school, dgaf; dont give a fuck little whores. Aren’t you trendy? Well anyway girl heres the attention you crave that was prob never given to you by your parents, and you’re welcome btw.


20080723sc47-picture002-1.jpg 20080723sc47-picture002.jpg 20080723sc47-picture003-1.jpg 20080723sc47-picture004-1.jpg 20080723sc47-picture004.jpg 20080723sc47-picture005-1.jpg 20080723sc47-picture006-1.jpg 20080723sc47-picture006.jpg 20080723sc47-picture007-1.jpg 20080723sc47-picture007-2.jpg 20080723sc47-picture008-1.jpg 20080723sc47-picture008-2.jpg 20080723sc47-picture009-1.jpg 20080723sc47-picture010-1.jpg 20080723sc47-picture010-2.jpg 20080723sc47-picture010-3.jpg 20080723sc47-picture011-1.jpg 20080723sc47-picture012-1.jpg 20080723sc47-picture013-1.jpg 20080723sc47-picture014-1.jpg 20080723sc47-picture014-2.jpg 20080723sc47-picture017-1.jpg 20080723sc47-picture018-2.jpg 20080723sc47-picture019-1.jpg 20080723sc47-picture020.jpg 20080723sc47-picture021-1.jpg 20080723sc47-picture021.jpg 20080723sc47-picture027.jpg 20080723sc47-picture029.jpg 20080723sc47-picture031.jpg 20080723sc47-s6301011.jpg 20080723sc47-s6301012.jpg 20080723sc47-s6301488.jpg

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