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Short Hair Emo Shower

Hey look I’m not dead. Just been working on other projects, hard to keep picture blogs going with the way the internets is today. I also end up spending a lot of time when I do update this site cross-checking pictures to see if they are floating around everywhere and if I have an entire set at the original resolution, copyright infringement, names, etc. Pictures of this little tiny chick have been floating around in those collaboration posts on other sites for a while, this is almost a complete set. And although the original size may have been more like 640×480 someone took it upon themselves to increase it would be my guess. I looked around to try to figure out if she had a ‘official’ Photobucket, but Idk. My research told me she might be from Cinci and these are most of the wins out there.


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Source : (Unknown)
First Name : (Unknown)

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