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Now that you’ve (hopefully) been a fan of RealWebWhores for a while, wouldn’t like to know a bit more about how I pay to keep this shit goin? Maybe even get paid yourself for doin shit? Here are all the secrets, starting with the BASICS, moving on to the AFFILIATES and then on to more in depth shit…

Make Money From Links


This is for real, and I ain’t bullshitting you when I say, this company will actually pay you to click on ANY kind of link, including adult ones. I make literally cents a day, cause they don’t really pay shit, but it does help out. I do make some cash off the referrers too. JOIN and even you can make cash just posting links in Forums and shit. Including the RWW FORUM!

Make Money Hosting Files


From the linking, comes the host. As you can see on our forums, many people are already making cash uploading good videos, and using LinkBucks to gain even more money. Uploading has always been the highest paying for me, hosting files. Positives: Pays equal for any filesize; Pays a lot & adds bonuses. Negatives: Can’t host or download files over 100mb without a premium sub; Payout isn’t instant; Uploading/Downloading is erroneous on occasion.