Vintage Wednesday – 2009-11-18

Again I blanked out and completely forgot I was trying to do this every week, but there was obviously a lot of other shit goin on. Here goes with more links to old pics of girls ALL from the RealWebWhores website. No linkouts.

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A Nice Exclusive With Big Pussy Lips

Of course I am obligated to comply with my guarantee, and that is, to post original fuckin chicks. Hot ones too. Here’s a nice original with a juicy pussy and big tits. Once again, I’m told these pics have never been seen by the world, so remember where you saw her first. :P …Also download the zip for the original resolution.

20091116bple-dsc00011.jpg 20091116bple-dsc00012.jpg 20091116bple-dsc00097.jpg 20091116bple-dsc00476.JPG 20091116bple-dsc00477.JPG 20091116bple-dsc00478.JPG 20091116bple-dsc00481.JPG 20091116bple-dsc00482.JPG 20091116bple-dsc00483.JPG 20091116bple-dsc00484.JPG 20091116bple-dsc00485.JPG 20091116bple-dsc00486.JPG 20091116bple-dsc00488.JPG 20091116bple-dsc00489.JPG

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Source : A Fan
First Name : (Unknown)

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Just a quick set because tats and piercings are so popular right? I know you love em.


20091116cw-dscf0108.jpg 20091116cw-dscf0109.jpg 20091116cw-dscf0112.jpg
20091116cw-dscf0190.jpg 20091116cw-dscf0191.jpg 20091116cw-dscf0201.jpg

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Photobucket : CalWahoo
First Name : (Unknown)
Forum Thread : ..

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Just A Cute Blonde

Nothing more, nothing less. I’m assuming DavidRegimbal which is the PB account name, is the bf of this girl. The pics are named cuteblonde and very accurately describe this chick. Check out if you haven’t yet, download some great free HD videos!


20091116dr-ahhhhhh.jpg 20091116dr-boring.jpg 20091116dr-cuteblonde01.jpg 20091116dr-cuteblonde02.jpg 20091116dr-cuteblonde03.jpg 20091116dr-cuteblonde05.jpg 20091116dr-cuteblonde06.jpg 20091116dr-cuteblonde07.jpg 20091116dr-dayeeeem.jpg 20091116dr-goddd.jpg 20091116dr-hello.jpg 20091116dr-photo.jpg 20091116dr-shieett.jpg 20091116dr-woahsick.jpg 20091116dr-yayayasend.jpg

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Photobucket : DavidRegimbal
First Name : (Unknown)

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I Like To Look Up

I think she just admires the ceiling while she’s fucking to avoid looking at the fuckin 70’s bush growing between her bf’s legs. If I ever saw a girl with hair like that surrounding her pussy I would slap a big healthy piece of duct tape on it and rip it off, against the grain.


20091114aa-img_0039.jpg 20091114aa-img_0040.jpg 20091114aa-img_0279.jpg
20091114aa-img_0280.jpg 20091114aa-img_0287.jpg 20091114aa-img_0326.jpg

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Photobucket : Abstract_Abbie
First Name : Abbie

New Server!

So since I love you people so much, I have gone and upgraded to a new server! It has over double the processing speed, and another couple GB of memory added, lmk if everything is loading faster for you! I also put on some full page ads, which listen; I know people hate them. BUT you will only see one a day and after browsing a lot of pages, it just happens to be that advertisers really aren’t paying for webmasters to show banner ads anymore, and the banners on ad servers suck a cock and are causing the page to load slow, so I’m trying to work on a more efficient method. As always, lmk if anything is/isn’t working, and check the forum and the twitter for updates!

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If All Else Fails, Tie Her Up

For such a good girl I think she can do better than this dude she’s with. At least I could toss her a bigger cock… Her nick is BananaBooBoo…


20091112bbb2-img_0244.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0245.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0289.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0291.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0531.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0532.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0534.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0535.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0538.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0539.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0833.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0837.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0838.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0840.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0882.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0883.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0884.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0928.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0929.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0930.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0931.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0932.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0934.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0935.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0944.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0947.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0950.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0951.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0952.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0954.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0957.jpg 20091112bbb2-img_0998.jpg 20091112bbb2-pict0006.jpg

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Photobucket : BananaBooBoo_2007
First Name : (Unknown)