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Love Is Murder, Apparently

For those of you who like small-titted chubby chicks. Yes all 3 of you. Hope you like! :)


20090914lim-dsc05189.jpg 20090914lim-dsc05191.jpg 20090914lim-dsc05192.jpg 20090914lim-dsc05204.jpg 20090914lim-dsc05205.jpg 20090914lim-dsc05208.jpg 20090914lim-dsc05210.jpg 20090914lim-dsc05212.jpg 20090914lim-dsc05215.jpg 20090914lim-dsc05219.jpg 20090914lim-dsc05225.jpg 20090914lim-dsc05228.jpg

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Photobucket : __LOVEisMURDER
First Name : (Unknown)

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This Gorgeous Blackanese Girl – Part 3

The last part of this fucking beautiful young lady. She did mention on the previous post she would send more pics but I have yet to get any. I hope she’s readin this cause its a shout to her, we want more babe! Send please you have many fans! :D On a more personal not, I think Ice-T put it best when he said, let’s get butt naked and fuck tonight.


Part 1 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=13489
Part 2 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=13783
Part 3 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=14086

20090913hs3-1247765942348.jpg 20090913hs3-1248392112827.jpg 20090913hs3-1248392156173.jpg 20090913hs3-1248392204634.jpg 20090913hs3-1248392317524.jpg 20090913hs3-1248392365232.jpg 20090913hs3-1248392528838.jpg 20090913hs3-1248394215590.jpg 20090913hs3-1250565215898.jpg 20090913hs3-1250664697871.jpg 20090913hs3-1250751887377.jpg 20090913hs3-1250754517261.jpg 20090913hs3-1250807678568.jpg 20090913hs3-1250831630870.jpg 20090913hs3-1250831729425.jpg 20090913hs3-1250831851671.jpg 20090913hs3-1250832034432.jpg 20090913hs3-1250832154613.jpg 20090913hs3-1250832209504.jpg 20090913hs3-1250900141919.jpg 20090913hs3-1251011366465.jpg

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Photobucket : HeavenSmile_
First Name : (Unknown)

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Amazing Masturbation Video!

I been trying to figure out the source of this video for a long time its almost too good to be an amateur home made vid. But its seems to be just that. So I figure I’ll just post this and the fans will prob tell me if they’ve seen it :D… Btw, I want EVERYBODY here to download this file if you like it!

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snapshot20090913060348.jpg snapshot20090913060426.jpg snapshot20090913060437.jpg
snapshot20090913060452.jpg snapshot20090913060458.jpg snapshot20090913060518.jpg

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Source : (Unknown)
First Name : (Unknown)

Vintage Wednesday (2009-09-09)

So I barely even got this fuckin thing up by Thursday… Sorry for the lack of updates, we had 3 things happen at once. 1st, I was commissioned to do a project that was time sensitive, but I finished it all on Wed… Then Wednesday night I went home to do work on here, and LinkBucks is down! LinkBucks is STILL fuckin down now! I don’t know if the site is like shutdown and not coming back?? If anyone has knowledge about what happened lmk. THEN I go to Uploading, to copy links over, so people can still download from my websites that I did have LinkBucks on, and Uploading’s file manager wasn’t working. What the fuck. Anyway, Uploading is workin good, here’s some vintage goodness for ya while I upload some new girls. Thanks peoples!!!

X-Digg Update

So I wasn’t gettin much traffic from X-Digg, plus no one uses it. I realized, because their server is sooo unbelievably slow, that was causing my page to load slow. So… sorry X-Digg, but droppin ya :\ I think the site looks a bit cleaner without the X-Digg plug-in anyway.

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Andie From Live Journal

Cause my dude knows what the fuck is up at LJ. Here’s another beautiful girl, hopefully she won’t be a bitch like the last one and want her pics down. Bunch of selfish assholes in this world.


20090909alj-18-21-20028.jpg 20090909alj-18-21-20031.jpg 20090909alj-18-21-20033.jpg 20090909alj-18-21-20035.jpg 20090909alj-18-21-20036.jpg 20090909alj-18-21-20042.jpg 20090909alj-18-21-20044.jpg 20090909alj-18-21-20056.jpg 20090909alj-18-21-20062.jpg 20090909alj-18-21-20071.jpg 20090909alj-24m9r4j.png

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Source : Live Journal
First Name : Andie

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Some Chick From PA – Part 1 Of 2

I’m sure this is somebody’s ex from somewhere, but I have no clue where it came from. That’s all I have to say about the matter. Download the picture set from the link below for FULL resolution.


Part 1 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=13972
Part 2 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=14204

20090909cfpa1-dscf0018.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0021.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0109.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0189.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0193.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0195.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0198.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0201.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0203.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0205.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0207.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0210.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0212.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0215.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0317.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0319.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0321.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0323.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0327.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0329.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0331.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0333.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0335.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0338.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0345.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0347.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0349.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0351.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0443.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf1047.jpg

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Source : Fan
First Name : (Unknown)