Vintage Wednesday (2009-09-09)

So I barely even got this fuckin thing up by Thursday… Sorry for the lack of updates, we had 3 things happen at once. 1st, I was commissioned to do a project that was time sensitive, but I finished it all on Wed… Then Wednesday night I went home to do work on here, and LinkBucks is down! LinkBucks is STILL fuckin down now! I don’t know if the site is like shutdown and not coming back?? If anyone has knowledge about what happened lmk. THEN I go to Uploading, to copy links over, so people can still download from my websites that I did have LinkBucks on, and Uploading’s file manager wasn’t working. What the fuck. Anyway, Uploading is workin good, here’s some vintage goodness for ya while I upload some new girls. Thanks peoples!!!

X-Digg Update

So I wasn’t gettin much traffic from X-Digg, plus no one uses it. I realized, because their server is sooo unbelievably slow, that was causing my page to load slow. So… sorry X-Digg, but droppin ya :\ I think the site looks a bit cleaner without the X-Digg plug-in anyway.

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Andie From Live Journal

Cause my dude knows what the fuck is up at LJ. Here’s another beautiful girl, hopefully she won’t be a bitch like the last one and want her pics down. Bunch of selfish assholes in this world.


20090909alj-18-21-20028.jpg 20090909alj-18-21-20031.jpg 20090909alj-18-21-20033.jpg 20090909alj-18-21-20035.jpg 20090909alj-18-21-20036.jpg 20090909alj-18-21-20042.jpg 20090909alj-18-21-20044.jpg 20090909alj-18-21-20056.jpg 20090909alj-18-21-20062.jpg 20090909alj-18-21-20071.jpg 20090909alj-24m9r4j.png

Download Picture Set From Uploading

Source : Live Journal
First Name : Andie

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Some Chick From PA – Part 1 Of 2

I’m sure this is somebody’s ex from somewhere, but I have no clue where it came from. That’s all I have to say about the matter. Download the picture set from the link below for FULL resolution.


Part 1 :
Part 2 :

20090909cfpa1-dscf0018.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0021.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0109.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0189.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0193.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0195.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0198.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0201.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0203.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0205.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0207.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0210.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0212.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0215.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0317.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0319.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0321.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0323.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0327.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0329.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0331.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0333.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0335.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0338.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0345.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0347.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0349.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0351.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf0443.jpg 20090909cfpa1-dscf1047.jpg

Download Picture Set (Higher Resolution) From Uploading

Source : Fan
First Name : (Unknown)

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An Ex Named Kate V

So another nice original set, and I heard a few crazy things about this chick. Yes, she’s a freak. And this photoset does include a pissing picture haha.


20090908kv-bed.jpg 20090908kv-cimg0220.jpg 20090908kv-cimg0431.jpg 20090908kv-cimg0681.jpg
20090908kv-cimg0682.jpg 20090908kv-cimg0683.jpg 20090908kv-cimg0684.jpg 20090908kv-cimg0685.jpg 20090908kv-cimg0686.jpg 20090908kv-halloween.jpg 20090908kv-kate-ass.jpg 20090908kv-kate-kiss.jpg 20090908kv-kiss.jpg 20090908kv-p9110614.jpg 20090908kv-pa089327.jpg 20090908kv-pa089331.jpg 20090908kv-pa169336.jpg 20090908kv-pa169337.jpg 20090908kv-pa169340.jpg

Download Picture Set (And Unused Pics) From Uploading

Source : Fan
First Name : Kate

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Hey Guys, Its Erotic Mania Week!

Yeah go ahead say it, me and my gimmicks. This Photobucket is actually called EroticMania1611. I got to the party late, most was tos’d unfortunately. One AMAZING video, and some really good pics too. The video is on SextingVids (one of our ‘sister sites’, still in beta) here: To celebrate Erotic Mania Week, I will be posting all kinds of extra nudity. That’s more nudity than usual. Very creative right? Check out if you haven’t yet!


20090907em16-photo5.jpg 20090907em16-photo8.jpg 20090907em16-photo10.jpg 20090907em16-photo17.jpg 20090907em16-photo25.jpg 20090907em16-photo577.jpg

Download Picture Set & Video From Uploading

Photobucket : EroticMania1611
First Name : (Unknown)

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Just Duik

This is another I had sittin around for quite a while. Been periodically checking back her account but haven’t seen anything more good to add. I do have for you, this fuckin amazing video, another fully nude zoomed in close up masturbation video in the VIDEO download, and a whole shit ton of pictures for download that I didn’t post. The pics have little win but do include sexiness. Hope you like!

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20090906d-untitled-1.jpg 20090906d-untitled-2.jpg 20090906d-untitled-3.jpg
20090906d-untitled-4.jpg 20090906d-untitled-5.jpg 20090906d-untitled-6.jpg

Download 2 Videos From Uploading
Download Picture Set From Uploading

Photobucket : Duik
First Name : Karen