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Botched Boob Job

Not to rag on the poor girl, actually the tits look OK. They remind me of a nice 15 year old Traci Lords. I hope all you people get that reference, but please don’t try finding video evidence of this, it will land you in a bit of hot water… All I’ll say about the lovely ‘model’ in these photographs is I’d still fuck her, that counts for somethin, right?


20090713jx-090703_0113.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0114.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0115.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0117.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0122.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0130.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0133.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0135.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0136.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0140.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0141.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0147.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0148.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0151.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0168.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0171.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0179.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0188.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0190.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0206.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0208.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0211.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0214.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0216.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0220.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0223.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0225.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0229.jpg 20090713jx-090703_0230.jpg