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LiveJournal Chick Magdalena

Another contribution from my dude, got this in an e-mail some months back… You’ll always notice when I’m goin through my hard drives cleanin up, I tend to find a lot of girls I’ve gotten in the e-mail before and found on IRC and places like that. Being body-painted like a witch maybe more appropriate for Halloween, but really that’s like sayin candy only tastes good once a year.


20090614mag-1.JPG 20090614mag-2.jpg 20090614mag-3.jpg 20090614mag-4.JPG 20090614mag-5.JPG 20090614mag-6.jpg 20090614mag-7.jpg 20090614mag-8.JPG 20090614mag-8.JPG 20090614mag-9.JPG

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Source : LiveJournal
First Name : Magdalena

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Feelin Like A Freak On A Leash

Here’s another exclusive brought to you by yours truly. Well brought online at least. Its a fans ex-girlfriend, I prob told the dude I would post it like 6 months ago, but I saved it somewhere strange and I just found it while cleaning out some hard drives. This is the high caliber shit that gets put on RWW, a sexy goth chick on a leash, just bein silly.


20090614foal-imag0003.JPG 20090614foal-imag0004.JPG 20090614foal-imag0005.JPG 20090614foal-imag0006.JPG 20090614foal-imag0007.JPG 20090614foal-imag0008.JPG 20090614foal-imag0009.JPG 20090614foal-imag0010.JPG 20090614foal-imag0011.JPG 20090614foal-imag0012.JPG 20090614foal-imag0013.JPG 20090614foal-imag0014.JPG 20090614foal-imag0016.JPG 20090614foal-imag0017.JPG 20090614foal-imag0018.JPG 20090614foal-imag0019.JPG 20090614foal-imag0020.JPG 20090614foal-imag0021.JPG 20090614foal-imag0022.JPG 20090614foal-imag0023.JPG 20090614foal-imag0024.JPG 20090614foal-imag0025.JPG 20090614foal-imag0026.JPG 20090614foal-imag0027.JPG 20090614foal-imag0028.JPG 20090614foal-imag0029.JPG 20090614foal-imag0030.JPG 20090614foal-imag0031.JPG 20090614foal-imag0032.JPG 20090614foal-imag0033.JPG

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First Name : (Unknown)
Forum Thread : ..

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Goldie Licks

Very sexy blonde soccer player chick. Someone should buy her some lingerie for her birthday though… Ever heard of a thong sweetie?


20090613gl-001.jpg 20090613gl-003.jpg 20090613gl-004.jpg 20090613gl-005.jpg 20090613gl-006.jpg 20090613gl-008.jpg 20090613gl-009.jpg 20090613gl-010.jpg 20090613gl-011.jpg 20090613gl-012.jpg 20090613gl-013.jpg 20090613gl-014.jpg 20090613gl-016.jpg 20090613gl-017.jpg 20090613gl-018.jpg 20090613gl-019.jpg 20090613gl-020.jpg 20090613gl-022.jpg 20090613gl-023.jpg

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Photobucket : GoldiexxxLicks
First Name : (Unknown)

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Amoaner With A BlackBerry

Another great contribution from a big site supporter, J. A LiveJournal girl with the account Amoaner. A little thick girl with dark nips, takin pics with what looks like a BlackBerry Curve. At least its one of the full keyboard Pearls. 8803 maybe?


20090612ama-ismellchanel.jpg 20090612ama-leoprdbra3.jpg 20090612ama-meeeo1.jpg 20090612ama-meeeo5.jpg 20090612ama-nkdmirror2.jpg 20090612ama-purplebutts2.jpg 20090612ama-shangrilas1.jpg 20090612ama-shangrilas8.jpg 20090612ama-shangrilas.jpg 20090612ama-shangrilaz2.jpg 20090612ama-shangrilaz7.jpg 20090612ama-shhhh1.jpg 20090612ama-showrrrred1.jpg 20090612ama-showrrrred2.jpg 20090612ama-showrrrred11.jpg 20090612ama-showrrrrred3.jpg 20090612ama-strips1.jpg 20090612ama-strips3.jpg 20090612ama-woof2.jpg

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Live Journal : Amoaner
First Name : Aja

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Poeta Sam – Part 2 of 3 (Sex & Bubble Bath)

Each part of this one gets better. In this one, the young lady is in the bath tub and is getting fucked missionary. The next part is even better with more sex.


Part 1 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=10937
Part 2 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=11099
Part 3 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=11535

20090611ps2-poeta_sam-29.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-30.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-31.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-32.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-33.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-34.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-35.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-36.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-37.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-38.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-39.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-40.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-42.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-43.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-44.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-45.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-46.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-47.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-48.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-49.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-50.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-51.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-52.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-53.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-54.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-55.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-56.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-57.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-58.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-59.jpg 20090611ps2-poeta_sam-60.jpg

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Photobucket : Poeta_Sam
First Name : Sam

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German Blonde Amazing High Def Dick Sucking Video

I’m going to preface this by telling everybody this fuckin vid is over 50 MEGABYTES. Remember I don’t lower the quality of shit, UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE. But anyway, if you like the vid, or based on the thumbs, think you will like it, DOWNLOAD. I have it available for download on FLV and WMV format. WMV is the original format and looks a little better, grab one or both of em. I don’t know the source of this vid, it is incredible though.

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snapshot20090611002444.jpg snapshot20090611002504.jpg snapshot20090611002513.jpg
snapshot20090611002539.jpg snapshot20090611002546.jpg snapshot20090611002547.jpg
snapshot20090611002600.jpg snapshot20090611002610.jpg snapshot20090611002621.jpg

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First Name : (Unknown)
Forum Thread : ..

Fixed Some Display Things

Just went through for a while last night and this morning, fixing some display issues. The page now looks ALMOST identical in IE and FireFox. (I never use IE and didn’t realize the page looked a little off. FireFox FTW) . I did some other work, some Twittering and promotion, etc… I also added more thumbs to the Post Preview Gallery so give that a fucking look. Great way to see EVERY girl on the site all at once.