In Observance Of Memorial Day (2009)

I bring you boobs. And a gun. I will take this moment to honor everybody in the Armed Services… I’ll be back online later for more goodness, in the meantime I will celebrate my Second Amendment rights.


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Young Raf’s Girls

A couple girls in this dudes account. I’m of course jumping to conclusions, but I’ve never seen a girl nicknamed Raf before. Pics are low res, but a few are very nice. Esp the last 3… This could just be a collector, but I found it worth posting fo sho.


20090525yr18-aklaydown.jpg 20090525yr18-akpose.jpg 20090525yr18-aksexi.jpg 20090525yr18-aktopmodel.jpg 20090525yr18-boddyy.jpg 20090525yr18-l_ef5f21c0dc4ca81ca8ae87ae58efe5ff.jpg 20090525yr18-m_ba3965ed056b200d4fd27984df5efa4a.jpg 20090525yr18-naked.jpg 20090525yr18-nakkie.jpg 20090525yr18-self_shot_porn1.jpg 20090525yr18-untitled0.jpg 20090525yr18-untitled2-2.jpg

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Photobucket : YoungRaf18
First Names : (Unknown)

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A Girl Named Brittany With Large Boobs, And Blowing

Yeah, drinking a lot causes me to make really long titles for no apparent reason. Plus I gotta tell ya I have a thing for girls named Brittany. Sometimes when I’m dating a girl, when I’m in bed with her, I accidentally call her Brittany, cause I’m actually closing my eyes thinking about fucking an adorable little blonde girl I know…


20090524britt-brittany01.jpg 20090524britt-brittany02.jpg 20090524britt-brittany03.jpg 20090524britt-brittany04.jpg 20090524britt-brittany05.jpg 20090524britt-brittany06.jpg 20090524britt-brittany07.jpg 20090524britt-brittany08.jpg 20090524britt-brittany09.jpg 20090524britt-brittany010.jpg 20090524britt-brittany011.jpg 20090524britt-brittany012.jpg 20090524britt-brittany014.jpg 20090524britt-brittany0151.jpg 20090524britt-brittany016.jpg 20090524britt-brittany0171.jpg 20090524britt-brittany018.jpg 20090524britt-brittany019.jpg

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Source : IRC
First Name : Brittany

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Amy’s Plump Lil Titties

Just chillin on this lovely summer evening… Listenin to Anthony on LiveStream… ; for the free plug there. Join us in the chat, its full of guns, electronics talk, liberal bashing and alcohol.That’s about it, I’m too engulfed in the show and the Lakers game to think of something clever to say anything about where I want to deposit semen in this fuckin cumbucket. Oh btw, do download this one, there are 3 pics that are zoomed in and over 3mb each.


20090523ax341-p0000140.JPG 20090523ax341-p0000142.JPG 20090523ax341-p0000184.JPG 20090523ax341-p0000200to4jpg.jpg 20090523ax341-p0000204ds3jpg.jpg 20090523ax341-p0000206ku1.jpg 20090523ax341-s7000127.JPG 20090523ax341-s7000128.JPG 20090523ax341-s7000358lr8.jpg 20090523ax341-s7000360zh5.jpg 20090523ax341-s7000363yo5.jpg 20090523ax341-s7000366qn0.jpg 20090523ax341-s7000566.JPG 20090523ax341-s7002621.JPG 20090523ax341-s7002836os8.jpg 20090523ax341-s7002837oh4.jpg 20090523ax341-ysrys5ysf.jpg

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Photobucket : AmyXXX341
First Name : Amy

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Hi Res Messy BlowJob Video

I love the tiny little tits poking out on this girls chest. Any chick this skilled at the art of fellatio definitely deserves the post… Besides which, the video is amazingly high resolution and up close, she also adds to it with her sloppiness at the end. This vid was from a collectors account, and I am aware it has some video transitions, but I’m pretty sure its NOT pro.

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20090521hrbjv-untitled-1.jpg 20090521hrbjv-untitled-2.jpg 20090521hrbjv-untitled-3.jpg
20090521hrbjv-untitled-4.jpg 20090521hrbjv-untitled-5.jpg 20090521hrbjv-untitled-6.jpg

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Photobucket : (Unknown Collector)
First Name : (Unknown)
Forum Thread : 2319

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The Rihanna Nude Self Pics (Un-Watermark’d, Un-Logo’d)

By request of course. In return I want some publicity for this shit. I want this digg’d and put on all those celeb nude sites, shit like that. Well anyway, here are the leaked pics. All 8 of them (I am pretty positive no more exist). All original 640×480 resolution. The last pic is a dude with a thong on his head, its in the zip. Save em guys, with celebs you never know when I will be asked politely to have them removed!


20090521nrp-rihanna1.jpg 20090521nrp-rihanna2.jpg 20090521nrp-rihanna3.jpg 20090521nrp-rihanna4.jpg 20090521nrp-rihanna5.jpg 20090521nrp-rihanna6.jpg

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Source : Rihanna’s Cell Phone
First Name : Rihanna
Forum Thread : 2279

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KandiFlipGirl Hardcore Pics – Part 3 of 3

Haven’t had any nice raw xxx action. Which I’m sure effects my search engine placement and shit. Here’s the last part of this girl, then I dive into my archives to find some more dick in pussy. Oh also, download her pics, and download the ones I tossed and didn’t post on the main page.


Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Part 3 :

20090521kfg3-kandi-79.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-102.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-132.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-133.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-134.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-136.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-137.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-138.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-139.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-140.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-141.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-142.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-143.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-144.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-1451.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-146.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-147.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-148.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-149.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-150.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-151.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-152.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-153.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-154.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-155.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-156.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-157.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-158.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-160.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-162.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-167.jpg 20090521kfg3-kandi-174.jpg

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Photobucket : KandiFlipGirl
First Name : (Unknown)
Forum Thread : 2262