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A Franceska Doll – Part 1 of 4

This is an example of what you would call an ‘Epic Win’. Well this is more of the teaser, come back in a couple days for the real WINS in this set! FranceskaDoll is her handle online, on all those little boards out there. I don’t know where she ‘originally’ posted herself, or was posted, but these photos are all the originals and there are a lot. 4 Sets of great pics, about 100 total, and then over 600 not worth posting. They are still hot though, and I will of course, give you a nice link to download them later… Oh and thanks for all the birthday wishes friends, family and fans of the site!


Part 1 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=10236
Part 2 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=10325
Part 3 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=10617
Part 4 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=11041

20090514fd1-dsc00363.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc00366.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc00367.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc00370.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc00372.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc00375.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc00377.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc01409.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc01411.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc01415.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc01416.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc01418.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc01419.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc01423.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc01424.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc01425.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc01445.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc01446.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc01450.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc01451.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc01452.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc01454.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc01457.jpg 20090514fd1-dsc01458.jpg

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Photobucket : FranceskaDoll
First Name : Franceska

It’s My Birthday.

Happy Birthday to me! That’s all I had to say. Oh, and I should be getting this new FASTER server set up in the next 24 hours, so stay tuned folks!!!

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BabyDee, Big Boobs, Low Res

Another trip into my archives brought out more goodness. Whenever I look through my old saved pics I have trouble finding anything of decent resolution. I think these were worth the post though.


20090513lbd-103_1113.jpg 20090513lbd-103_1114.jpg 20090513lbd-103_1118.jpg 20090513lbd-103_1120.jpg 20090513lbd-dsc01118.jpg 20090513lbd-dsc01120.jpg 20090513lbd-dsc01127.jpg 20090513lbd-dsc01342.jpg 20090513lbd-dsc01344.jpg

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Photobucket : x0LilBabyDee
First Name : Dee?

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Krystar – Part 1 of 3

Only because I was told I needed ‘more goth and scene chicks’… Whatever the fuck that means, enough with girls calling themselves ‘scene’ or ‘goth’, we fuckin get it. You color your hair and give up your pussy easily. OH and draw with sharpie on your underdeveloped tits. Well, this one meets the criteria, now quit your bitchin. :P


Part 1 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=10197
Part 2 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=10287
Part 3 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=10823

20090512kry1-081207_1610.jpg 20090512kry1-081207_1611.jpg 20090512kry1-081207_1614.jpg 20090512kry1-1169937969e-168.jpg 20090512kry1-1169937969e-169.jpg 20090512kry1-1169937969e-170.jpg 20090512kry1-1169937969e-171.jpg 20090512kry1-1169937969e-173.jpg 20090512kry1-1191992906l_6259a7fbcf377121e061c36ae5e1f224.jpg 20090512kry1-1192066243x-060.jpg 20090512kry1-1192143934l_5ee2efc34fbaf72da78a92cbfefab16d.jpg 20090512kry1-1194035737halloween07-050.jpg 20090512kry1-1194250902im000888.JPG 20090512kry1-1194712183e066-1.jpg 20090512kry1-1195056161x-072.jpg 20090512kry1-1195056422e009.jpg 20090512kry1-1195056619e022-1.jpg 20090512kry1-1195056675e043.jpg 20090512kry1-1195056740e046-4.jpg 20090512kry1-1195056824e050-1.jpg 20090512kry1-1195056851e063-2.jpg 20090512kry1-1195056893e-089.jpg 20090512kry1-1195056988e-094.jpg 20090512kry1-1195057053e-127.jpg

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Photobucket : Krystar
First Name : Krystal

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How Many Things Can Fit In Your Pussy?

This is an open-ended question, I am asking all the ladies out there. How many different things can you fit in your pussy? I’ll put it out there right now, it’ll be a semi-secret contest… If you are a woman, and at least a semi-attractive one, send me a series of pics with whatever you like to put in your pussy. Of course you will have to have RealWebWhores somewhere in a few of the pics to show its for this contest. If we have at least FIVE (5) Entries, the one I like the best aka the WINNER will receive $100 cash. All entrants must be at least 18 years of age, follow any local laws, and may have their pictures posted online (of course)… This cash will come out my pocket, and at the time, seems like a fun idea. Do your best ladies.


20090512tmc-blue001.jpg 20090512tmc-blue003.jpg 20090512tmc-blue005.jpg 20090512tmc-blue006.jpg 20090512tmc-s2010002.jpg 20090512tmc-s2010003.jpg 20090512tmc-s2010004.jpg 20090512tmc-s2010005.jpg 20090512tmc-s2010006.jpg 20090512tmc-s2010064.jpg 20090512tmc-s2010066.jpg 20090512tmc-s2010068.jpg

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Photobucket : XxTasteMyCherryXx
First Name : (Unknown)

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Bachelor Party On YouTube

I knew there was a reason I still go to YouTube every now and then. Yeah, it sucks a big asshole, and deletes everything worth watching. And whenever you try to find the video you want to see, you end up with 1,000 remixes of it, by 12 year olds who apparently have downs syndrome. Luckily, porn is occasionally found minutes before it is deleted. This is just softcore, but its nuuude women dancing! Yay!

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20090511f65-fliping65-1.jpg 20090511f65-fliping65-2.jpg 20090511f65-fliping65-3.jpg
20090511f65-fliping65-4.jpg 20090511f65-fliping65-5.jpg 20090511f65-fliping65-6.jpg

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YouTube : Fliping65
First Name(s) : (Unknown)

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I Forgot CJames

I had this one marked April 23rd. It seems like the post got deleted? Maybe I never posted it, idk. Anyway, I remember writing about licking her tattoo and slapping my cock against her nice bouncy natural boobies. Also, I wanna start a new game called ‘Guess Her Nationality’… I’m goin with Italian, but I’m sure she’s mixed.


20090510cj42-11-23-07_09461.jpg 20090510cj42-april-09_2258.jpg 20090510cj42-april-13_1742.jpg 20090510cj42-april-13_1951.jpg 20090510cj42-april-13_1957.jpg 20090510cj42-april-21_0119.jpg 20090510cj42-april-21_0128.jpg 20090510cj42-img_0414.jpg 20090510cj42-img_0415.jpg 20090510cj42-img_0777.jpg 20090510cj42-img_0778.jpg 20090510cj42-img_0783.jpg 20090510cj42-march-06_1839.jpg 20090510cj42-march-10_1151.jpg 20090510cj42-march-10_1210.jpg 20090510cj42-march-10_1247.jpg 20090510cj42-march-10_1428.jpg

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Photobucket : CJames42
First Name : (Unknown)