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Black-Hearted Jane

Another old school one, I’m not sure this one’s ever been posted anywhere though. I found her back in the day, I think from MySpace or somewhere.


20090305jbh-back.jpg 20090305jbh-hottie.jpg 20090305jbh-img_0572.jpg 20090305jbh-img_0573.jpg 20090305jbh-img_0729.jpg 20090305jbh-img_0752.jpg 20090305jbh-img_0753.jpg 20090305jbh-img_0757.jpg 20090305jbh-img_0763.jpg 20090305jbh-img_0764.jpg 20090305jbh-img_0772.jpg 20090305jbh-yay.jpg

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Photobucket : JaneBlackHeart
First Name : Jane

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TaraaBlasiiii Lesbians – Part 1

Scene-ish I suppose, the one I referred to in the last post had to be promptly taken down soon as I posted, I did a little searching and found the girl maaay not have been up to age. Eh you win some you lose some. TaraaBlasiiii for the win guys.


20090304tb1-102_3365.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3368.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3370.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3372.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3373.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3375.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3376.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3377.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3382.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3383.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3384.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3389.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3391.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3402.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3404-1.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3412.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3414.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3415.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3416.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3418.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3419.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3421.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3423.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3425.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3429.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3441.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3443.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3444.jpg 20090304tb1-102_3445.jpg 20090304tb1-pictures160.jpg 20090304tb1-pictures169.jpg 20090304tb1-pictures172.jpg 20090304tb1-pictures178.jpg 20090304tb1-pictures179.jpg 20090304tb1-pictures180-1.jpg 20090304tb1-pictures180.jpg 20090304tb1-pictures181.jpg 20090304tb1-pictures182.jpg 20090304tb1-pictures184.jpg 20090304tb1-pictures186.jpg 20090304tb1-pictures187.jpg 20090304tb1-pictures191-1.jpg

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Photobucket : TaraaBlasiiii
First Name : Tara

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Blonde Getting Naked In Bedroom VERY Hi Res

I’ve been told I should add more videos and more scene girls. As I feel its my duty to listen to fans, I will comply. Here’s a video. Its just a few seconds but I like it. Check back in 10 min for the lovely scene girls. I looked through my Archives for both of these. It took a while also. And they may be girls you’ve seen a while back.

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20090304qs-untitled-1.jpg 20090304qs-untitled-2.jpg 20090304qs-untitled-3.jpg
20090304qs-untitled-4.jpg 20090304qs-untitled-5.jpg 20090304qs-untitled-6.jpg

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Photobucket : (Unknown)
First Name : (Unknown)

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ASAP Is Armed

Yes I’m pretty sure she is holding a real gun there. Definitely a real knife in the next photo. The pics are older, and a little lower quality. I’ve had this account for a while so we can look and see how far technology has come since then. Enjoy.


20090301asap-2mw8rwo.jpg 20090301asap-49h2jqs.jpg 20090301asap-478h85c.jpg 20090301asap-p3060076.jpg 20090301asap-p3060080.jpg 20090301asap-p3070101.jpg 20090301asap-p3070104.jpg 20090301asap-p3070121.jpg 20090301asap-p3070127.jpg 20090301asap-p3070134.jpg 20090301asap-p6100915.jpg 20090301asap-p7252054.jpg 20090301asap-p8063263.jpg 20090301asap-p8120769.jpg 20090301asap-p8200090.jpg 20090301asap-p8200108.jpg 20090301asap-p9140495.jpg 20090301asap-p9140497.jpg 20090301asap-p9280599.jpg 20090301asap-p9280606.jpg 20090301asap-p20504662.jpg 20090301asap-pa220257.jpg 20090301asap-pa220258.jpg 20090301asap-pa220260.jpg 20090301asap-pa220263.jpg 20090301asap-pb270190.jpg 20090301asap-pb270259.jpg 20090301asap-pb280347.jpg 20090301asap-pb2802682.jpg 20090301asap-pc140141.jpg 20090301asap-pc1401462.jpg 20090301asap-photo0045.jpg

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Photobucket : Aassaapp
First Name : (Unknown)
Forum Thread : ..

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Some Black & White Eskimo Cowgirls

I couldn’t think of how to accurately describe these women. Eskimo Cowgirls seemed appropriate. Just a few topless ones, some in snow boots and snow hat, some in a cowgirl/cowboy hat. Ktcorr, and not a collector.


20090227ktc-fh000001.jpg 20090227ktc-fh000002.jpg 20090227ktc-fh000006.jpg 20090227ktc-fh000016.jpg 20090227ktc-katie1.jpg 20090227ktc-katie3.jpg 20090227ktc-katie4.jpg 20090227ktc-katie5.jpg 20090227ktc-katie6-1.jpg 20090227ktc-katie6.jpg

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Photobucket : KTCorr
First Name : Katie
Forum Thread : ..

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Hood Shawty

Props to my man Slo2jz on the Forums, for this find. If you haven’t checked the Forums lately, we got dozens of new girls found and posted every day! Look around and enjoy! Here is H00dshAWty15 (With Zero’s)… The account was quickly killed, Photobucket is getting quicker and quicker killing these things, so be sure you save what you find before telling other people about it!


20090227hs15-1.jpg 20090227hs15-0219091127a.jpg 20090227hs15-0219091128.jpg 20090227hs15-0219091129.jpg 20090227hs15-0219091130.jpg 20090227hs15-0219091131.jpg 20090227hs15-0219091134.jpg 20090227hs15-0219091220.jpg 20090227hs15-0219091222.jpg 20090227hs15-0219091223.jpg 20090227hs15-0219091224.jpg 20090227hs15-0219091229.jpg 20090227hs15-0219091229a.jpg 20090227hs15-0219091230a.jpg 20090227hs15-0219091233.jpg20090227hs15-0219091234.jpg 20090227hs15-0219091621.jpg 20090227hs15-l_429f6e2932bb71dfb100449ccdda87f0.jpg 20090227hs15-pictures2005.jpg 20090227hs15-pictures2008.jpg 20090227hs15-pictures2009.jpg 20090227hs15-pictures2011.jpg 20090227hs15-pictures2010.jpg 20090227hs15-pictures2012.jpg 20090227hs15-pictures2013.jpg 20090227hs15-pictures2016.jpg 20090227hs15-pictures2024.jpg 20090227hs15-pictures6003.jpg 20090227hs15-pictures6005.jpg 20090227hs15-pictures6014.jpg 20090227hs15-pictures6017.jpg

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Photobucket : H00dshAWty15
First Name : (Unknown)

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Apparently They Sleep Together In A Tanning Bed

Don’t know what the PB User Name means, but this little tanned chick is hot. She is a good girl it seemed, you see her sucking cock and taking it from behind. The guy fucking her in these pics actually has a pretty decent sized piece, for once. Not that I care. And mine is still bigger. Give me a call, you size queen, you.


20090227k3-img_1007.jpg 20090227k3-img_1020.jpeg 20090227k3-img_1029.jpeg 20090227k3-img_1030.jpeg 20090227k3-img_1031.jpeg 20090227k3-img_1044.jpg 20090227k3-img_1048.jpg 20090227k3-img_1051.jpg 20090227k3-img_1054.jpg 20090227k3-img_1055.jpeg 20090227k3-img_1057.jpg 20090227k3-img_1097.jpg 20090227k3-img_2102.jpg 20090227k3-img_2103.jpg 20090227k3-img_2108.jpg 20090227k3-img_2109.jpg 20090227k3-img_2111.jpg 20090227k3-img_2124.jpg 20090227k3-img_2127.jpg 20090227k3-img_2128.jpg 20090227k3-img_2129.jpg 20090227k3-img_2132.jpg 20090227k3-img_2976.jpg 20090227k3-img_2982.jpg 20090227k3-img_2991.jpg 20090227k3-img_3007.jpg

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Photobucket : K3nz846
First Name : Mackensie
Forum Thread : ..