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Two weeks worth that I was supposed to post Saturday but forgot slash went to a show and got lazy. Here it goes!

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Chubby Chick From Chicago

Yeah no matter how much I try I can’t think of clever enough titles that aren’t alliterations. Well I had no choice on this one. The girl is chubby. She’s from Chicago I assume with the user name Chicago01. And judging by her vagina, she is a chick. Enjoy all the fun close ups.


20090126c01-picture218.jpg 20090126c01-picture219.jpg 20090126c01-picture314.jpg 20090126c01-picture315.jpg 20090126c01-picture316.jpg 20090126c01-picture317.jpg 20090126c01-picture319.jpg 20090126c01-picture320.jpg 20090126c01-picture362.jpg 20090126c01-picture363.jpg 20090126c01-picture364.jpg 20090126c01-picture365.jpg 20090126c01-picture371.jpg 20090126c01-picture373.jpg 20090126c01-picture388.jpg 20090126c01-picture389.jpg 20090126c01-picture391.jpg 20090126c01-picture398.jpg 20090126c01-picture399.jpg 20090126c01-picture400.jpg 20090126c01-picture403.jpg 20090126c01-picture404.jpg 20090126c01-picture405.jpg 20090126c01-picture406.jpg

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Photobucket : Chicago01
First Name : (Unknown)

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GizNat Ass Fucking & Double Dildos – Part 1 of 2 (Pics)

This is 1 of 2, the only reason why I split it is the second one is a video. She gets fucked in the ass while fucking herself in the pussy with a dildo. But I looove the pics, personally. Anytime a chick is puttin a beer bottle and multiple vibrating dildos in her snatch, I get allllll excited! I am currently goin through my collection to find other gemmms such as this. This account got killed btw, for obvious TOS violations, if anyone has more pics send em my way, or post em on the forum.


20090126gn817-p1010045.jpg 20090126gn817-p1010051.jpg 20090126gn817-p1010052.jpg 20090126gn817-p1010054.jpg 20090126gn817-p1010055.jpg 20090126gn817-p1010059-1.jpg 20090126gn817-p1010059-2.jpg 20090126gn817-p1010059.jpg 20090126gn817-p1010060-1.jpg 20090126gn817-p1010061.jpg 20090126gn817-p1010062-1.jpg 20090126gn817-p1010062.jpg 20090126gn817-p7010004.jpg 20090126gn817-p7170013.jpg

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Photobucket : GizNat817
First Name : (Unknown)

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Jodi Is Dead

I killed her. But before rigor mortis set in, I posed her for some pics. And now I share.


20090125jid-picture020.jpg 20090125jid-picture022.jpg 20090125jid-picture037.jpg 20090125jid-picture038.jpg 20090125jid-picture165.jpg 20090125jid-picture167.jpg 20090125jid-picture170.jpg 20090125jid-picture189.jpg 20090125jid-picture201.jpg 20090125jid-picture202.jpg 20090125jid-picture207.jpg 20090125jid-picture209.jpg 20090125jid-picture210.jpg 20090125jid-picture260.jpg 20090125jid-picture271.jpg 20090125jid-picture294.jpg 20090125jid-picture295.jpg 20090125jid-picture308.jpg 20090125jid-picture310.jpg 20090125jid-picture312.jpg 20090125jid-picture315.jpg 20090125jid-picture348.jpg 20090125jid-picture393.jpg 20090125jid-picture407.jpg 20090125jid-picture421.jpg 20090125jid-picture447.jpg 20090125jid-picture448.jpg 20090125jid-picture553.jpg 20090125jid-picture694.jpg 20090125jid-picture701.jpg 20090125jid-picture707.jpg 20090125jid-picture709.jpg

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Photobucket : Jodi_Is_Dead
First Name : Jodi
Forum Thread : 48

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Perfect Porn Star On Video, This Blonde Does Everything Imaginable

I’ve had this video saved in my personal collection for quite some time, hogging it to myself if you will. Don’t worry though we didn’t go pro, she kept it amateur self filmed and everything, by ‘pornstar’ I mean she is ready to be sold at the nearest Adult Mart. She really covers a broad spectrum here, from foreplay to dick sucking to riding to fingering to dildos and misc household objects, and ending with her pussy licked. She definitely has that ‘Porn Star’ look on her face.

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snapshot20090124170457.jpg snapshot20090124170506.jpg snapshot20090124170512.jpg
snapshot20090124170536.jpg snapshot20090124170543.jpg snapshot20090124170554.jpg
snapshot20090124170604.jpg snapshot20090124170612.jpg snapshot20090124170620.jpg
snapshot20090124170627.jpg snapshot20090124170633.jpg snapshot20090124170644.jpg

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Source : (Unknown)

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Just 4 Mario – Part 3 of 3 (2nd Video)

From the perspective of her dog, hoping for some nice non-salmonella tainted peanut butter to lick on. But no no rover, as I tell my puppies, this is PEOPLE food, not for doggies. Of course if her dog was actually watching her masturbate and I was standing anxious in front of her, I would punt the dog out the window and fuck the shit outta her and leave her stuffed with enough cum to fill up a kiddie pool. Have I told you lately, that I like masturbation vids? 3 and a half minutes.

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20090124j4m3-untitled-1.jpg 20090124j4m3-untitled-2.jpg 20090124j4m3-untitled-3.jpg
20090124j4m3-untitled-4.jpg 20090124j4m3-untitled-5.jpg 20090124j4m3-untitled-6.jpg

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Photobucket : Just4Mario
First Name : (Unknown)

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Asian, I Think, Semi-NonNude.

Thats the only way I could describe her as. Semi-NonNude. Prob Asian. You can kinda see her nips hangin outta her bra, and you can see em behind her hair a bit. I love her fucking ass, and again with the Forum active, I hope to find more of her by posting!


20090124gp-p1000124.jpg 20090124gp-p1000125.jpg 20090124gp-p1000141.jpg 20090124gp-p1000144.jpg 20090124gp-p1000145.jpg 20090124gp-p1000598.jpg 20090124gp-p1000599.jpg 20090124gp-p1000600.jpg 20090124gp-p1000603.jpg 20090124gp-p1000604.jpg 20090124gp-p1000606.jpg 20090124gp-p1000610.jpg 20090124gp-p1000612.jpg 20090124gp-p1000621.jpg 20090124gp-p1000626.jpg 20090124gp-p1000628.jpg

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Photobucket : Gizndez
First Name : (Unknown)
Forum Thread : …