Want Some Programs?

So that the viewers can check out the fruits of my labor, I wanted to make this post to direct you towards the Programs : Fuskers post. This is the first of many little directories I’m posting up. You can find all your favorite fuskering programs, and download them, of course they are all free programs! Of course the link will be up in the top toolbar forever, so visit it when you need it.

Programs : Fuskers

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Blonde Fucking, Cumming And Playing With A Back Vibrator

Them hips is built for baby-makin. This bitch is sexy but what the fuck, did she use a piece of broken glass to shave her pussy? Maybe she just handed a straight razor to Hellen Keller. Nothin like super super high resolution to point out horrible imperfections. Well props to homeboy for bein able to ‘enjoy’ eatin that pussy out.


20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0001.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0003.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0005.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0006.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0007.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0008.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0009.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0010.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0011.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0012.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0013.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0014.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0015.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0017.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0018.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0019.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0020.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0021.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0022.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0023.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0026.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0027.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0028.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0029.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0030.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0031.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0033.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0034.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0036.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0037.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0039.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0040.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0041.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0042.jpg

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Old School Exhibitionism

The pictures are a bit pixely but who could pass up those little pokey nipples? I throw sets like this in to mix it up in between all the high resolution big boobie pics.


20081022t-teen_02.jpg 20081022t-teen_03.jpg 20081022t-teen_04.jpg 20081022t-teen_05.jpg 20081022t-teen_06.jpg 20081022t-teen_07.jpg

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Twisted Riot Full Album – (Part 2 of 5)

Part 2 Of the TwistedRiotPhoto bucket… This one I titled: Photoshoots. Bunch of mostly non-nudes, different settings, some handbras and shit like that. The other few parts are coming soon.


Part 1 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=4502
Part 3 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=5580

20081020trp2-cimg0900.jpg 20081020trp2-cimg0901.jpg 20081020trp2-cimg0922.jpg 20081020trp2-cimg0935.jpg 20081020trp2-cimg1008.jpg 20081020trp2-cimg1112-1.jpg 20081020trp2-cimg1113.jpg 20081020trp2-cimg1114.jpg 20081020trp2-cimg1163.jpg 20081020trp2-cimg1165.jpg 20081020trp2-cimg1166.jpg 20081020trp2-cimg1168.jpg 20081020trp2-cimg1170.jpg 20081020trp2-cimg1207.jpg 20081020trp2-cimg2537.jpg 20081020trp2-picture012.jpg 20081020trp2-picture018.jpg 20081020trp2-picture027.jpg 20081020trp2-picture215.jpg 20081020trp2-picture219.jpg 20081020trp2-picture257.jpg 20081020trp2-picture274.jpg

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Playing With Scanners

Here is somethin NEW for ya. You can say what you want bout the site, but you cannot say its unoriginal! This chick puts all the parts of her body on a scanner of some kind , very different but kind of sexy… Props to the guy who found the username, lmk if you want credit. The Photobucket account is actually still around and open at: Lauren_64_2008


20081020l64-a_741dc956e28cae36f9c12475ed2feb01.jpg 20081020l64-ass-1.jpg 20081020l64-ass-2.jpg 20081020l64-ass.jpg 20081020l64-boobs-1.jpg 20081020l64-brookee003.jpg 20081020l64-brookee005.jpg 20081020l64-brookee007.jpg 20081020l64-brookee010.jpg 20081020l64-holistershirt.jpg 20081020l64-meeeeee.jpg 20081020l64-newboobs.jpg 20081020l64-pink.jpg 20081020l64-sexybrawl.jpg 20081020l64-tits.jpg 20081020l64-tits2.jpg 20081020l64-tits3.jpg

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Princess Paquette

I’ve been kinda holdin on to this set for …forever? I actually just saved it in some weird directory by mistake and thought I lost it. If someone could tell me what the user name is supposed to signify that would be great. I guess I am forced to call this one another ‘non-nude’ since she cunningly hides all the good parts of her. There is a nice facial. PrincessPaquette1 for those curious parties.


20081019pp1-2-1.jpg 20081019pp1-3-1.jpg 20081019pp1-3cd46a88.jpg 20081019pp1-44a5d106.jpg 20081019pp1-572161ed.jpg 20081019pp1-24128135.jpg 20081019pp1-b58a464d.jpg 20081019pp1-eaa81026.jpg 20081019pp1-6-1.jpg 20081019pp1-7-1.jpg 20081019pp1-100_1801.jpg 20081019pp1-100_1802.jpg 20081019pp1-100_1803.jpg 20081019pp1-100_1804.jpg 20081019pp1-100_2075.jpg 20081019pp1-100_2079.jpg 20081019pp1-bubbles.jpg 20081019pp1-cutebubbles.jpg 20081019pp1-sidebubbles.jpg 20081019pp1-dscn1109.jpg 20081019pp1-dscn1171.jpg 20081019pp1-jacket.jpg 20081019pp1-laugh.jpg 20081019pp1-melike4.jpg 20081019pp1-piano2.jpg 20081019pp1-piano.jpg 20081019pp1-picture029.jpg

Download Picture Set (And Unused Pics) From Uploading
Download Picture Set (And Unused Pics) From HotFile

Photobucket : PrincessPaquette1
First Name : (Unknown)
Forum Thread : ..

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Hello Kitty Emo Chick – Part 1 Of 5

Don’t worry, I just slapped myself for calling somebody ‘Emo’. What a fuckin corny way to describe ones self. Its too bad I couldn’t think of a more clever way to describe this little skinny chick in her tub. Enjoy, as you can see more parts are on their way.


Part 2 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=4942
Part 3 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=5116

20081019pe1-1.jpg 20081019pe1-1-2.jpg 20081019pe1-1-3.jpg 20081019pe1-1-4.jpg 20081019pe1-1-6.jpg 20081019pe1-1-7.jpg 20081019pe1-1-8.jpg 20081019pe1-1-9.jpg 20081019pe1-1-10.jpg 20081019pe1-1-11.jpg 20081019pe1-1-12.jpg 20081019pe1-1-13.jpg 20081019pe1-1-14.jpg 20081019pe1-1-15.jpg 20081019pe1-1-16.jpg 20081019pe1-1-17.jpg 20081019pe1-1-18.jpg 20081019pe1-1-19.jpg

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Photobucket : (Unknown)