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Spinal Tat

Like that little play on words? I did that just for all you hair metal fans, and the few who might be enjoy the medical procedure. This chick is fiiine but she kind of censors herself, only a couple that show off those beautiful nipple piercings. The badass spine tattoo is what got her posted. She looks very mixed Latin, with possibly Asian? I don’t know if there’s any Caucasian in her, but she can call me if she’d like some.


20090104fft-20090104fft-3hearttits.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-butt.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-dsc00428.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-dsc00438.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-dsc00445.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-dsc00453.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-dsc00454.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-dsc00461.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-dsc00467.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-dsc00468.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-dsc00470.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-dsc00475.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-dsc00476.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-dsc00504.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-dsc00505.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-dsc00506.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-dsc00508.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-dsc00509.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-dsc00510.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-dsc00517.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-dsc00520.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-dsc00522.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-erica099.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-erica100.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-erica110.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-erica174.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-meeee.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-menfigoilovesit.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-nat003.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-nat004.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-nat005.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-tanianerica.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-taniathoyamemiami.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-the4ofuss.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-thegirls.jpg 20090104fft-20090104fft-vicky4.jpg

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Photobucket : FanFrigginTastic_
First Names : Erica, Natalie, Tania, Vicky, etc.

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A Tennessee Big Booty Slut

According to the name of the files it seems the names of this guy and girl are Pierre and Aurelie. Are those French names or somethin? Idk. Based on the walls they are from Tennessee hence the title. She has a nice meaty butt. Another nice HIGH quality shoot.


20090103pa-pierre_y_aurelie_05.jpg 20090103pa-pierre_y_aurelie_06.jpg 20090103pa-pierre_y_aurelie_07.jpg 20090103pa-pierre_y_aurelie_08.jpg 20090103pa-pierre_y_aurelie_10.jpg 20090103pa-pierre_y_aurelie_11.jpg 20090103pa-pierre_y_aurelie_12.jpg 20090103pa-pierre_y_aurelie_13.jpg 20090103pa-pierre_y_aurelie_17.jpg 20090103pa-pierre_y_aurelie_18.jpg 20090103pa-pierre_y_aurelie_19.jpg 20090103pa-pierre_y_aurelie_20.jpg 20090103pa-pierre_y_aurelie_21.jpg 20090103pa-pierre_y_aurelie_22.jpg 20090103pa-pierre_y_aurelie_23.jpg 20090103pa-pierre_y_aurelie_24.jpg 20090103pa-pierre_y_aurelie_25.jpg 20090103pa-pierre_y_aurelie_26.jpg

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First Name : Aurelie

Top Referrers : 2008-12-28 TO 2009-01-03

Wow, time for this again already. We got a new leader today! Thanks again for driving traffic here everybody! Remember, anyone with the potential to bring huge amounts of people here, lmk for link exchanges and cross-promoting, etc!

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Thanks again for all the support! If you’d like YOUR site removed, or promoted, or there’s an error that needs to be fixed, the E-Mail is NOW: admin@realwebwhores.com << Save it in the Address Book!

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Black & White And Freckled Blonde

A strange little shoot, done in black and white, possibly cause she has scars and bruises all over herself. In the one pic you can see she’s a cutter, and it looks like she went a little nuts on her leg there. What a shame to do that to such a nice body. Oh well, I’m sure there’s a fetish out there that will appreciate it.


20090103fb-200607047.jpg 20090103fb-200607049.jpg 20090103fb-body016.jpg 20090103fb-body017.jpg 20090103fb-meepmeep050.jpg 20090103fb-meepmeep051.jpg

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Photobucket : FreckledBlondiie
First Name : (Unknown)

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Keeping with my first New Year’s Resolution; embracing my Asian girl fetish… I also decided skinny girls are still fuckin sexy. I think this girl is like a model, maybe the fans can point me to her website if she has one somewheres. The picture quality sucks, but she is worth it. I got some hi res up next don’t fret.


20090102cd-aann2.jpg 20090102cd-aann3.jpg 20090102cd-aann.jpg 20090102cd-anli1.jpg 20090102cd-asdfawer.jpg 20090102cd-caca.jpg 20090102cd-dsc04661.jpg 20090102cd-dsc04662.jpg 20090102cd-dsc04667.jpg 20090102cd-dsc04670.jpg 20090102cd-dsc04688.jpg 20090102cd-dsc04694.jpg 20090102cd-dsc04699.jpg 20090102cd-dsc04704.jpg 20090102cd-dsc04705.jpg 20090102cd-dsc04709.jpg 20090102cd-dsc04718.jpg 20090102cd-dsc04721.jpg 20090102cd-dsc04726.jpg 20090102cd-dsc04737.jpg 20090102cd-dsc046711.jpg 20090102cd-dsc046811.jpg 20090102cd-duhhh.jpg 20090102cd-picture001.jpg 20090102cd-picture002.jpg 20090102cd-picture003.jpg 20090102cd-picture004.jpg 20090102cd-picture0031.jpg 20090102cd-picture032-new.jpg 20090102cd-picture042-1.jpg 20090102cd-picture045.jpg 20090102cd-picture048-2.jpg 20090102cd-picture059-2.jpg 20090102cd-picture069-1.jpg 20090102cd-picture075.jpg 20090102cd-picture085-2.jpg 20090102cd-picture091-mini.jpg 20090102cd-picture094-1.jpg 20090102cd-wahhh.jpg

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Photobucket : ConfuseDitsy
First Name : Anna

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Start The Year Big.

Real big. I say this because this is the largest vid to date on RealWebWhores. Bout 30 mb. I think the girl is a perfect 10, you get to see her in and out of the shower, shaving, and she puts on quite the little show. It almost looks like a video/photo shoot for a website. It was found somewhere on tinypic, download it from MegaRotic, its worth it, hq and shit.

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20090101s-untitled-1.jpg 20090101s-untitled-2.jpg 20090101s-untitled-3.jpg
20090101s-untitled-4.jpg 20090101s-untitled-5.jpg 20090101s-untitled-6.jpg

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Source : TinyPic

Linkage : Vote To Make RealWebWhores Better

Well as a prelude to these links, I would like to thank you for clicking here! Here are all the top sites where you can vote for RealWebWhores, most of the sites are located on the main page but whatever.

Home Porn has a top list specifically for ‘homemade’ type of porn sites, kinda like mine.

Adult Blog Directory

The Adult Blogs Toplist Tracker pictured above does a good job and keeps track of the visitors. Visit the site and check it out, it’s another one that PhotobucketWhores tends to stay in the low-mid teens.
Sex Blogs
Sex Blogs Directory lists my website somewhere, I think? What a great plug right?

Mariellas XXX Toplist

Now this is a great little list. I’m always 1 or 2 which is one of the reasons I like it so much. It gives a great out traffic, especially for the ones at the bottom who only get a few in. It is a list which appears to be compiled of only about 30-40 sites.