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Vanessa Giving Head

Vanessa9486 with a quick video giving head. Her account had some other sex pics but only a couple as all the good ones were tos’d long ago it seems. Here’s the good video that was found of her, giving some good head.

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20081106v9486-untitled-1.jpg 20081106v9486-untitled-2.jpg 20081106v9486-untitled-3.jpg
20081106v9486-untitled-4.jpg 20081106v9486-untitled-5.jpg 20081106v9486-untitled-6.jpg

Download Video Here
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I just wanted to let everyone know that it is NOT cool to send me pictures of your wang.

That’s just so wrong. Keep it in your pants. Well, no, don’t. Just keep it out of my line of sight.

I’ll post some new stuff soon. And don’t be a bunch of whiners about the “no wang” rule.

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Drop Dead Gorgeous Teen In Front Of A Mirror

This chick is quite amazing. From the side her tits are so fantastic and big for her chest, they almost look like implants. Great tanned toned body, long sexy dark hair, and that pretty face. I’m sure she had a Photobucket account at some point, but I grabbed this one off the good ol irc. If anyone knows the user name she went under plmk.



20081106ddgt-02.jpg 20081106ddgt-03.jpg 20081106ddgt-04.jpg 20081106ddgt-06.jpg 20081106ddgt-10.jpg 20081106ddgt-11.jpg 20081106ddgt-12.jpg 20081106ddgt-13.jpg 20081106ddgt-05.jpg 20081106ddgt-07.jpg 20081106ddgt-08.jpg 20081106ddgt-09.jpg

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Some Sex On Vacation

This chick has a nice big Brazilian lookin ass, and a cute face. My favorite pick is her squattin on that 40 oz of beer, niiice.


20081105ssov-vacation1007.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation1008.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation1009.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10010.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10011.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10022.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10023.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10024.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10025.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10026.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10028.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10029.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10030.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10031.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10032.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10037.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10040.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10042.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10045.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10046.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10050.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10051.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10053.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10054.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10055.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10056.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10057.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10058.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10059.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10060.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10062.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10063.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10064.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10065.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10066.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10067.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10068.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10069.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10072.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10073.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10074.jpg 20081105ssov-vacation10075.jpg 20081105ssov-vane_y_patrick_20.jpg

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The Vagina Pull…

Holy fuck what is this. Some please tell me what the purpose of this ‘event’ is? I swear to god this fuckin video is called ‘Vagina Pull’. I find the weirdest Photobucket accounts. In response to an e-mail I received recently, I spend 4-8 hours a day searching the internet intensely for Photobucket accounts, open and closed, I add girls as friends on multiple myspace accounts, and I take a lot of time finding ORIGINAL accounts and EXCLUSIVE content. Sometimes I find accounts off fuskem and ixtractor, but there’s really no reason for me to miss some good ones for the sake of 100% originality. Just wanted to let everyone know for those who ask how I find things or how long it takes me. Yes, I am aware of a lot of websites that post mine and other blogs content acting as if its their own, more power to em, I don’t mind a bit. Just know you’re always welcome back here!

Anyway fuckers, this vid is real fucked. This girl puts a piercing through her stomach, bellow her navel, using a giant fish hook, and plays some kind of chicken with this dude. You can kinda see her pussy lips gettin pulled up. The album was ComonSteriotyp and there was a whole bunch of weird suspension shit and other ways to put holes in your skin, but they were mostly guys anyway. Watch the video, the pics were taken separately, they aren’t screen shots.

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20081103cst-dscn1662.jpg 20081103cst-dscn1664.jpg 20081103cst-dscn1665.jpg
20081103cst-dscn1667.jpg 20081103cst-dscn1672.jpg 20081103cst-dscn1675.jpg

Download Video Here
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Flexible Tanned Foreign Chick

Wow look at that meaty pussy in the thong. I need to find me a chick this flexible and see what kinda tricks she can do. I think in these pictures she’s covering herself in nair or some shit. She is one of the most hairless chicks I have ever seen, goddamn.


20081103sftc-zzuz_017.jpg 20081103sftc-zzuz_019.jpg 20081103sftc-zzuz_020.jpg 20081103sftc-zzuz_042.jpg 20081103sftc-zzuz_044.jpg

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Not much of a win, I found lil girl a year back, waited, and nothing new in the account. Oh well. Wh0r3C0okie05 is her name. A couple good pics, some cleavage, tits, and post baby-having ass. One great pic of her suckin on a 3 inch cock.


20081103wc-baybahz004.jpg 20081103wc-butt.jpg 20081103wc-hahahabababuda.jpg 20081103wc-hiiszb0o0o.jpg 20081103wc-ilovedubb.jpg 20081103wc-meandmahbabe.jpg 20081103wc-mmmeeeee020.jpg 20081103wc-mmmeeeee021.jpg 20081103wc-mmmeeeee031.jpg 20081103wc-mmmeeeee033.jpg 20081103wc-mmmeeeee034.jpg 20081103wc-o0o0.jpg 20081103wc-p4080080.jpg 20081103wc-picture029.jpg 20081103wc-shiizzzniit004-1.jpg 20081103wc-thasloth.jpg 20081103wc-tiffanyspics021.jpg