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Dance Tanita With Lesbian Action

DanceTanita is the Photobucket, and its chock full of les scenes, which are always enjoyable, and a great change of pace if I do say so myself. I guess I would refer to her and her carpet licking friends as ‘scene girls’ even though some would tell me to be a bit more specific. If I wanted to be super correct I would say she is bi-sexual not lesbian. But I don’t. I’d rather generalize, label, judge and broadly lump chicks into categories with no regard for anything or anybody. Enjoy the porn guys, keep downloading and shit too.


20081122dt-photo2.jpg 20081122dt-photo4.jpg 20081122dt-photo29.jpg 20081122dt-photo33.jpg 20081122dt-photo34.jpg 20081122dt-pict0003-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0007.jpg 20081122dt-pict0008.jpg 20081122dt-pict0009-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0010-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0014-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0023-2.jpg 20081122dt-pict0023.jpg 20081122dt-pict0024-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0025-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0025-2.jpg 20081122dt-pict0029-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0034.jpg 20081122dt-pict0037-2.jpg 20081122dt-pict0039-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0040-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0041.jpg 20081122dt-pict0047-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0048-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0067-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0070-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0071-2.jpg 20081122dt-pict0078.jpg 20081122dt-pict0081-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0070.jpg 20081122dt-pict0071-1.jpg 20081122dt-pict0079.jpg 20081122dt-pict0081.jpg 20081122dt-pict0082.jpg 20081122dt-pict0083.jpg 20081122dt-pict0086.jpg 20081122dt-pict0087.jpg 20081122dt-propertypix23651054.jpg 20081122dt-propertypix23651057.jpg 20081122dt-propertypix23651076.jpg

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Photobucket : DanceTanita
First Name : Tanita

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Sim And Some Hardcore

Wow, with the exception of that Trixie Teen vid, there is no hardcore on this fucking page! I’m told this chicks name is Simonetta… I don’t have a MySpace or Photobucket for her, but I have some extremely well-taken hardcore shots, and some of the best mirror self photos I’ve seen in forever. Strange dimensions, not ‘high-res’ but excellent quality. Prob just a good camera set on Medium.


20081120shc-24.jpg 20081120shc-23.jpg 20081120shc-22.jpg 20081120shc-21.jpg 20081120shc-20.jpg 20081120shc-19.jpg 20081120shc-18.jpg 20081120shc-17.jpg 20081120shc-16.jpg 20081120shc-14.jpg 20081120shc-15.jpg 20081120shc-13.jpg 20081120shc-12.jpg 20081120shc-11.jpg 20081120shc-9.jpg 20081120shc-8.jpg 20081120shc-7.jpg 20081120shc-6.jpg 20081120shc-5.jpg 20081120shc-4.jpg 20081120shc-3.jpg 20081120shc-2.jpg 20081120shc-25.jpg 20081120shc-26.jpg
20081120shc-27.jpg 20081120shc-29.jpg 20081120shc-30.jpg
20081120shc-31.jpg 20081120shc-1.jpg 20081120shc-32.jpg

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Photobucket : (Unknown)
First Name : Simonetta

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I Think She Has Hazel Eyes, But I Cant Prove It

Found these pics under HazelEyedGurl1, so hence the title. All the pics of her with her eyes visible suck so I didn’t upload them. The pics of her tits, pussy and ass are hot. I particularly like her ass. I find, as in now for example, I like sexy asses a lot when I get drunk. The whiskey and cokes mixed with beer and Baileys mixed drinks did the job tonight. Enjoy, ass lovers.


20081119heg1-00401.jpg 20081119heg1-004.jpg 20081119heg1-006.jpg 20081119heg1-009-2.jpg 20081119heg1-019-2.jpg 20081119heg1-020-2.jpg 20081119heg1-055.jpg 20081119heg1-058.jpg 20081119heg1-082.jpg 20081119heg1-084.jpg 20081119heg1-156.jpg 20081119heg1-180-1.jpg 20081119heg1-181-1.jpg 20081119heg1-182.jpg 20081119heg1-183.jpg 20081119heg1-192.jpg 20081119heg1-212.jpg 20081119heg1-213.jpg 20081119heg1-221.jpg 20081119heg1-230.jpg 20081119heg1-235.jpg 20081119heg1-dsc08094.jpg 20081119heg1-dsc08119.jpg 20081119heg1-dsc08126.jpg 20081119heg1-dsc08430.jpg 20081119heg1-dsc08460.jpg 20081119heg1-dsc08462.jpg 20081119heg1-sexya2.jpg 20081119heg1-sexya3.jpg 20081119heg1-sexya5.jpg 20081119heg1-sexya6.jpg 20081119heg1-sexya8.jpg 20081119heg1-sexya.jpg

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Photobucket : HazelEyedGurl1
First Name : Danielle

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Trixie Teen Home Movie

Yeah whatever I’m terrible at remembering to post shit. Here’s that video in reference to the home pics done by Trixie Teen. Very short vid, but she has a very sexy ass and the movie is high res. Download it too!

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Heres The Link Back To The Trixie Teen Post


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Photobucket : MattBall77
First Name : Trixie

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Snakes On A Girl

So somebody requested this chick. They sent me an e-mail; “yo man you ever seen this chick before? its this girl with snakes on her.” Then it was a link to a picture at a different website. I will not name this website here cause in all honesty its crap with pop-ups and doesn’t deserve the promotion. I do have the whole picture set, the original account that I found personally is called lesliedances, but there were a couple pics of other people so I’m not positive this is the actual girl. For the sake of argument I shall call her Leslie and you shall rate her well and post comments and all that good stuff cause I know how much you love naked whores.


20081118ld-img_2468.jpg 20081118ld-img_2621.jpg 20081118ld-img_2622.jpg 20081118ld-img_2624.jpg 20081118ld-img_2625.jpg 20081118ld-img_2626.jpg 20081118ld-img_2734.jpg 20081118ld-img_2784.jpg 20081118ld-img_2785.jpg 20081118ld-img_2786.jpg 20081118ld-img_2787.jpg 20081118ld-img_2788.jpg 20081118ld-img_2789.jpg 20081118ld-img_2791.jpg 20081118ld-img_2792.jpg 20081118ld-img_2793.jpg 20081118ld-898365dc.jpg 20081118ld-img_2798.jpg 20081118ld-img_2799.jpg 20081118ld-img_2800.jpg 20081118ld-img_2811.jpg 20081118ld-img_2812.jpg 20081118ld-lesfemaleg.jpg

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Photobucket : LeslieDances
First Name : Leslie

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Little Emo Tease Girl

Photobucket name is EmoSk8rChik. Not sure this exists anymore, but a lot of great tease shots. I was waitin for a while to see her nude, but fuck it her she is teasing you. Lots of her pics are labeled Dankii so maybe thats her name slash nickname.


20081118esc-dankii2.jpg 20081118esc-dankii4.jpg 20081118esc-dankii5.jpg 20081118esc-dankii6.jpg 20081118esc-dankii7.jpg 20081118esc-dankii9.jpg 20081118esc-dankii.jpg 20081118esc-derek1.jpg 20081118esc-derek2.jpg 20081118esc-derek3.jpg 20081118esc-derek4.jpg 20081118esc-derek5.jpg 20081118esc-derek6.jpg 20081118esc-family005.jpg 20081118esc-family007.jpg 20081118esc-jstar147.jpg 20081118esc-kevin003-1.jpg 20081118esc-kevin004.jpg 20081118esc-kevin005.jpg 20081118esc-kevin006.jpg 20081118esc-nr1.jpg 20081118esc-nr3.jpg 20081118esc-nr4.jpg 20081118esc-nr6.jpg 20081118esc-smirnoff.jpg

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Photobucket : EmoSk8rChik
First Name : Dankii ?

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Twisted Riot Full Album – (Part 3 of 5)

You prob thought I forgot about TwistedRiotPhoto’s sexy ass Photobucket? Yea, I did. Here is part 3, its basically the one I originally posted when I found her pics in a different album and most were already deleted. So some of these pics have been on the site before. This is actually the FULL set of the girls outside on a little photoshoot. From analyzing the google keywords and shit it seems this one popular. Save em guys, use those download links!


Part 1 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=4502
Part 2 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=4770

20081117trp3-cimg0112.jpg 20081117trp3-cimg0115.jpg 20081117trp3-cimg0116.jpg 20081117trp3-cimg0118.jpg 20081117trp3-cimg0121.jpg 20081117trp3-cimg0124.jpg 20081117trp3-cimg0125.jpg 20081117trp3-cimg0126.jpg 20081117trp3-cimg0128.jpg 20081117trp3-cimg0129.jpg 20081117trp3-cimg0130.jpg 20081117trp3-cimg0131.jpg 20081117trp3-cimg0133.jpg 20081117trp3-cimg0134.jpg 20081117trp3-cimg0136.jpg 20081117trp3-cimg0137.jpg 20081117trp3-cimg0140.jpg 20081117trp3-cimg0143.jpg 20081117trp3-cimg0144.jpg 20081117trp3-cimg0147.jpg 20081117trp3-cimg0148.jpg 20081117trp3-cimg0149.jpg

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Photobucket : TwistedRiotPhoto
First Name : (Unknown)
Forum Thread : ..