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Girls That Make Dildos Out Of Styling Products Are Incredible

I would have made that title a bit more ‘cunning’ but I couldn’t fuckin figure out what this bitch has shoved up her pussy. It looks like a Garnier product or something. Homemade dildos NEVER go out of style. I used to know this bitch a while back that would go on her cam about 5 time a week and fuck herself with a studded rubber-handle hairbrush. I wouldda totally married that bitch if she didn’t get off on cheating on her boyfriend so much. Anywaaay, here guys.


20081116hmd-01.jpg 20081116hmd-02.jpg 20081116hmd-03.jpg 20081116hmd-04.jpg 20081116hmd-05.jpg 20081116hmd-06.jpg 20081116hmd-07.jpg 20081116hmd-08.jpg 20081116hmd-09.jpg 20081116hmd-10.jpg 20081116hmd-11.jpg 20081116hmd-13.jpg 20081116hmd-14.jpg 20081116hmd-15.jpg 20081116hmd-16.jpg


I started something new guys. I know people like to download and save shit on their computers for later, sooo from now on I will have all the pic sets in RAR form on MegaUpload. That way, you can download the videos/pics, save my server a bit of bandwidth, and make me cash with LinkBucks. I used inline ads only, no pop-ups. If you want to sign up there and make some cash too go for it and get me a referral or two. Commence to downloading.

Download Picture Set
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Photobucket : (None)

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Webcam Girl With Enormous Breasts

Another vid thats droppin back a bit old school. One of those Yahoo cam caps with the frame by frame, this chick is beautiful though with some of the biggest breasts I have ever seen, at least biggest natural ones. I’m assuming of course that they are natural by the way they hang. She has a very very cute pussy too. I don’t know where the girl is from or what her profile name is, so if anybody does recognize her for the love of god tell me!

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snapshot20081116103929.jpg snapshot20081116103941.jpg snapshot20081116103954.jpg
snapshot20081116104010.jpg snapshot20081116104018.jpg snapshot20081116104030.jpg

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Source : ?
First Name : Sydney ??

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Girls Naked On Stage At A Rock Band Show

I’m gonna call one of the girls in the pictures Christine since the user name found was called ChristineM1980. These fantastic quality pics consist of 3 or 4 girls naked on stage at some concert. You get to see a bit of snatch, I’m not sure what the deal is with the guy in the gas mask putting crime scene police tape all over some of the girls.


20081115cm1980-1bdcre2.jpg 20081115cm1980-6ee3re2.jpg 20081115cm1980-9f99re2.jpg 20081115cm1980-34b5re2.jpg 20081115cm1980-88d8re2.jpg 20081115cm1980-940bre2.jpg 20081115cm1980-2412re2.jpg 20081115cm1980-2643re2.jpg 20081115cm1980-4144re2.jpg 20081115cm1980-a1a1re2.jpg 20081115cm1980-c952re2.jpg 20081115cm1980-ca08re2.jpg 20081115cm1980-e33are2.jpg 20081115cm1980-f728re2.jpg

Download Picture Set From Uploading
Download Picture Set From HotFile

Photobucket : ChristineM1980
First Name : Christine
Forum Thread : ..

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Steamy Andrea Out Of The Tub With Her Camera Phone

Much props to the guy who sent me this one. One of the shorter more petite girl on this website. And to the people who love the ‘scene’ girl haircuts, here ya go, a nice little dead skunk style hair too.


20081114and-3.jpg 20081114and-4.jpg 20081114and-6.jpg 20081114and-7.jpg 20081114and-8.jpg 20081114and-9.jpg 20081114and-10.jpg 20081114and-11.jpg 20081114and-12.jpg 20081114and-13.jpg 20081114and-14.jpg 20081114and-15.jpg

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Photobucket : (None)
First Name : Andrea

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Peter And Brittney

Minus the Peter part of course. Not a lot of ‘fantastic’ pics just a pussy shot.


20081114pb-100_0708.jpg 20081114pb-100_0709.jpg 20081114pb-100_0710.jpg 20081114pb-100_0711.jpg 20081114pb-100_0714.jpg 20081114pb-100_0730.jpg 20081114pb-100_0731.jpg 20081114pb-100_0732.jpg 20081114pb-100_0734.jpg 20081114pb-100_0735.jpg 20081114pb-100_0737.jpg 20081114pb-100_0738.jpg 20081114pb-100_0739.jpg 20081114pb-100_0742.jpg

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Trish The Milf – Part 3 of 500 (Fuji A500)

I am so happy right now, I just realized I still have this chick and will be able to fall back on posting pics of her for the next 5 years or so. This is the first set of her using her FujiFilm FinePix A500… which btw is SHIT and piece of FUCKING SHIT camera. So don’t think I’m advertising this, all Fuji’s suck, but this one is just garbage. You could probably purchase it now for under 50 bucks. If you pay more you are getting ripped off. All the pics are cloudy and strangely colored. But the chicks hot, aaand there ya go.


Part 1 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=5060
Part 2 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=5382
Part 3 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=5501
Part 4 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=5792
Part 5 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=6370
Part 6 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=7076
Part 7 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=7076

20081113t67p3-sg552.jpg 20081113t67p3-sg111111111111111111111111111.jpg 20081113t67p3-picture112-1.jpg 20081113t67p3-purrrrt66.jpg 20081113t67p3-sg1112227.jpg 20081113t67p3-ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.jpg 20081113t67p3-slavert5.jpg 20081113t67p3-h1.jpg 20081113t67p3-3c43.jpg 20081113t67p3-8481.jpg 20081113t67p3-cd1c.jpg 20081113t67p3-38b5.jpg 20081113t67p3-3717.jpg 20081113t67p3-e53d.jpg 20081113t67p3-ally1.jpg 20081113t67p3-ally55555555555555555554.jpg 20081113t67p3-huuy76.jpg 20081113t67p3-jjjjj.jpg

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Photobucket : Trish6767
First Name : Trish

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Breathtaking Polish Girl Fucking On VHS

That’s right, old-school style amateur porn at its finest. I believe this is a video, obviously recorded a decade or 2 ago on video cassette, of a spectacular 19 year old Polish chick fucking …in Germany I think? I was hinted to the fact this may have been recorded in Germany. Don’t worry though I looked through and checked to make sure there was no piss or shit. German porn can be fucked up sometimes. :P This dude gets way too into massaging the chicks tits. I could understand if she was stacked but jeez man, have you ever touched a chick’s boob before?

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snapshot20081113202557.jpg snapshot20081113202612.jpg snapshot20081113202628.jpg
snapshot20081113202637.jpg snapshot20081113202643.jpg snapshot20081113202710.jpg

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(New Link 2008/11/18)