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Mmmm love them puffy nipples :) 22 Pics of this hottie in the bathroom, all kinds of silly positions, a lot of pics in the mirror and such, its all good guys. Sorry for the break, was out of town this weekend.


20081215g09-p1010001.jpg 20081215g09-p1010002.jpg 20081215g09-p1010003.jpg 20081215g09-p1010004.jpg 20081215g09-p1010005.jpg 20081215g09-p1010006.jpg 20081215g09-p1010007.jpg 20081215g09-p1010008.jpg 20081215g09-p1010010.jpg 20081215g09-p1010011.jpg 20081215g09-p1010012.jpg 20081215g09-p1010013.jpg 20081215g09-p1010014.jpg 20081215g09-p1010015.jpg 20081215g09-p1010016.jpg 20081215g09-p1010017.jpg 20081215g09-p1010018.jpg 20081215g09-p1010019.jpg 20081215g09-p1010020.jpg 20081215g09-p1010021.jpg 20081215g09-p1010022.jpg

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Photobucket : Gwynnifer09
First Name : Gwynnifer ?

Top Referrers : 2008-12-07 to 2008-12-13

This got a lot of response last week, so I decided to do it once a week now. More and more sites are giving me massive traffic just from posting in forums and such, so I might as well encourage and thank you guys for it! Here are the top referrers for this last week, starting Sunday and ending Saturday!

Top Referrers

  1. The Uncensored
  2. SternFanNetwork Forum
  3. Amateur Whoredom
  4. URL Galleries
  5. B9 Board
  6. I Love Taints Forum
  7. BikeStyles Forums
  8. StereoKiller Boards
  9. Stunt Life Forums
  10. 3.8 Mustang Message Board
  11. Chicago Riders Forums
  12. Don’t Link This
  13. Hockey Fights Forums
  14. KodieFiles.nl Forums
  15. VA Driven Forums
  16. Audizine Forums
  17. WackBag – The Unofficial Opie & Anthony Message Board
  18. Softball Fanatics
  19. SlutDrive
  20. Join My Forum
  21. Amateur Porn Dump

Thanks again for all the support! If you’d like YOUR site removed, or promoted, or there’s an error that needs to be fixed, the E-Mail is NOW: admin@realwebwhores.com << Save it in the Address Book!

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Steamy Pics Giving Head In The Shower

See guys, this is what ya gotta do. If you are lucky enough to get your girl to give you head on her knees in the fucking shower, you RISK ruining your digital camera to take pics of it! Or you can always invest in one of those olympic waterproof digital cameras. The last pic of the dude eating pussy it seems is a different girl.


20081213bbmgs-1-3.jpg 20081213bbmgs-2-4.jpg 20081213bbmgs-13.jpg 20081213bbmgs-16-1.jpg 20081213bbmgs-17-1.jpg 20081213bbmgs-24.jpg 20081213bbmgs-meandleanne012.jpg

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Photobucket : BBallMGSlice
First Name : Jess

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Let’s All Celebrate With A Martini

Alright guys, it was a really rough day today. We got a new name now, change to bookmarks, RealWebWhores.com! I spoke with the lawyers and everything else is fine. Admin@realwebwhores.com is the new email. I am about to get drunk now, I figured this girl would be appropriate to be the first one posted on a Real Web Whores. She’s another 4Chan chick, obviously :D And as a warning I gotta say, you may find this post ‘offensive’ its a bit on the colorful side.


20081213mc-001.jpg 20081213mc-002.jpg 20081213mc-003.jpg 20081213mc-004.jpg 20081213mc-006.jpg 20081213mc-007.jpg 20081213mc-008.jpg 20081213mc-009.jpg 20081213mc-010.jpg 20081213mc-011.jpg 20081213mc-013.jpg 20081213mc-014.jpg 20081213mc-015.jpg 20081213mc-016.jpg 20081213mc-017.jpg 20081213mc-018.jpg 20081213mc-019.jpg 20081213mc-020.jpg 20081213mc-021.jpg 20081213mc-022.jpg 20081213mc-023.jpg 20081213mc-024.jpg 20081213mc-025.jpg

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Source : 4Chan (Where else?)


Ok big important-ness here! Photobucket (dot com) is not super satisfied with me using their trademark in my domain address. I know its fucking lame. Luckily I did have a couple back-ups reserved. I’m really really hoping this won’t set the site back at all, and trust me I will keep the updates comin, but I’m going to have to start transferring every one of those billion links I have floating around on my affiliates’ sites and so forth. The whole site will be transferred of course, but that should be done in a matter of an hour or 2. I think.

The new address (and name) will be:


…or .net of course
The domain should be active in 24 hours, and transferred shortly thereafter.

I’m told my domains will be, at the very maximum, able to stay up for 14 days while everyone updates their blog-readers and bookmarks. Then they will simply redirect to Photobucket. Don’t worry though, everything else is legit still, all the pics and such will of course STAY, and the blog will be transferred in it’s entirety. What a 1 year anniversary, huh?

Any questions, comments or concerns, hit up the admin@realwebwhores.com for the time being, or PBWdotNET on AIM for the time bein. And to those few people who did IM me on AIM and I didn’t respond, I lost your IM’s message me again!!!

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Other Pics From… SP?

Saint Petersburg, FL I’m guessing? Maybe St Paul? That’s not much of a vacation though. The pics are all titled with that as a prefix, the account is (Shhh SECRET!). I of course have to make my assumption her name is (A FUCKING SECRET :) ). Check the main pic though with her squeezing those funbags together, wow…


20081212mr-otherpicsfromsp003-2.jpg 20081212mr-otherpicsfromsp003.jpg 20081212mr-otherpicsfromsp004.jpg 20081212mr-otherpicsfromsp005.jpg 20081212mr-otherpicsfromsp006.jpg 20081212mr-otherpicsfromsp008.jpg 20081212mr-otherpicsfromsp011.jpg 20081212mr-otherpicsfromsp012-1.jpg 20081212mr-otherpicsfromsp012.jpg 20081212mr-otherpicsfromsp013.jpg 20081212mr-otherpicsfromsp044.jpg 20081212mr-otherpicsfromsp068.jpg20081212mr-otherpicsfromsp077.jpg 20081212mr-otherpicsfromsp078.jpg 20081212mr-otherpicsfromsp079.jpg 20081212mr-otherpicsfromsp084.jpg 20081212mr-otherpicsfromsp090.jpg 20081212mr-otherpicsfromsp120.jpg

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Photobucket : (SECRET)
First Name : (Aaand SECRET)
Forum Thread : ..

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JennChris Fingering Her Pussy – Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of this chick, cause I’m sure you were all dying in suspense.


Part 1 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=6201 

20081211jc07p2-932ad2d7.jpg 20081211jc07p2-ab45ee68.jpg 20081211jc07p2-b8e72574.jpg 20081211jc07p2-bf16305d.jpg 20081211jc07p2-da1aa5c5.jpg 20081211jc07p2-jennifer002.jpg 20081211jc07p2-jennifer005.jpg 20081211jc07p2-jennifer008.jpg 20081211jc07p2-jennifer012.jpg 20081211jc07p2-mmhm002.jpg 20081211jc07p2-mmhm003.jpg 20081211jc07p2-mmhm004.jpg 20081211jc07p2-mmhm005.jpg 20081211jc07p2-mmhm006.jpg 20081211jc07p2-mmhm007.jpg 20081211jc07p2-pic.jpg 20081211jc07p2-pics001.jpg 20081211jc07p2-pics002.jpg 20081211jc07p2-pics003.jpg 20081211jc07p2-pics004.jpg 20081211jc07p2-pics005.jpg 20081211jc07p2-pics007.jpg 20081211jc07p2-pictures003.jpg 20081211jc07p2-pictures004.jpg 20081211jc07p2-pictures005.jpg 20081211jc07p2-pictures006.jpg 20081211jc07p2-pictures007.jpg 20081211jc07p2-pictures008.jpg 20081211jc07p2-pictures009.jpg 20081211jc07p2-pixxxx001.jpg 20081211jc07p2-pixxxx002.jpg 20081211jc07p2-pixxxx003.jpg 20081211jc07p2-pixxxx004.jpg 20081211jc07p2-pixxxx005.jpg 20081211jc07p2-pixxxx006.jpg

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Photobucket : JennChris_07
First Name : Jenn