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So I’m out most of the day, and come back to find my site is redirecting to totgelacht dot com. Fucking assholes. The redirect request was coming from the TxT Topsites IFrame I had on the bottom of the page. Fuck those guys, fuck that website and whatever shitty way of advertising they chose, I took em off obviously, and sorry for the inconvenience!

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Chri5tine Gives Head

Like a good girl should. She also plays guitar in a bra, and I’m assuming on occasion she does this naked.


20081204c2006-003.jpg 20081204c2006-004.jpg 20081204c2006-005.jpg 20081204c2006-006.jpg 20081204c2006-007.jpg 20081204c2006-008.jpg 20081204c2006-010.jpg 20081204c2006-011.jpg 20081204c2006-012.jpg 20081204c2006-013.jpg 20081204c2006-christinepics286.jpg 20081204c2006-christinepics288.jpg 20081204c2006-christinepics289.jpg 20081204c2006-christinepics290.jpg 20081204c2006-christinepics291.jpg
20081204c2006-christinepics292.jpg 20081204c2006-christinepics293.jpg 20081204c2006-christinepics294.jpg
20081204c2006-christinepics295.jpg 20081204c2006-christinepics296.jpg 20081204c2006-christinepics297.jpg 20081204c2006-christinepics298.jpg 20081204c2006-christinepics300.jpg 20081204c2006-img_4554.jpg

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Photobucket : Chri5tine_2006
First Name : Christine

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Totally Wasted

Every now and then you go to a party with that one chick. The one who gets drunk, strips on cue, and wakes up in her own piss and vomit on a friends basement couch next to some guy she met 2 hours into drinking. I call em ‘keepers’ except when the parties at my house, cause I like my furniture smelling fresh.


20081204w-wasted1.jpg 20081204w-wasted2.jpg 20081204w-wasted3.jpg 20081204w-wasted4.jpg 20081204w-wasted5.jpg 20081204w-wasted6.jpg 20081204w-wasted7.jpg 20081204w-wasted8.jpg 20081204w-wasted9.jpg 20081204w-wasted11.jpg

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Photobucket : (None)

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JennChris Fingering Her Pussy – Part 1 of 2

This one was found about 2 years back, JennChris_07. I love the big tits and the tan lines are some how cute. She’s fingering her pussy which looks quite pink and extremely tight. I had about 85 pics so I had to split them into 2 parts. Also the pictures are fucking huge, so if you like them, download the zipped up form right away from the link below, thanksss.


Part 2 :

20081204jc07-pix001-1.jpg 20081204jc07-pix002-2.jpg 20081204jc07-pix003.jpg 20081204jc07-pix004.jpg 20081204jc07-pix005.jpg 20081204jc07-pix007.jpg 20081204jc07-pix008.jpg 20081204jc07-pix009.jpg 20081204jc07-pix010-1.jpg 20081204jc07-pix011.jpg 20081204jc07-pix012.jpg 20081204jc07-pix013.jpg 20081204jc07-pix014.jpg 20081204jc07-pix015.jpg 20081204jc07-pix016.jpg 20081204jc07-pix017.jpg 20081204jc07-pix018.jpg 20081204jc07-pix019.jpg 20081204jc07-pix020.jpg 20081204jc07-pix021.jpg 20081204jc07-pix022.jpg 20081204jc07-pix023.jpg 20081204jc07-pix024.jpg 20081204jc07-pix025.jpg 20081204jc07-pix0261.jpg 20081204jc07-pix001-2.jpg 20081204jc07-pix001.jpg 20081204jc07-pix002.jpg 20081204jc07-pix002-1.jpg 20081204jc07-pix002-3.jpg 20081204jc07-pix003-1.jpg 20081204jc07-pix004-1.jpg 20081204jc07-pix005-1.jpg 20081204jc07-pix003-2.jpg 20081204jc07-pix004-2.jpg 20081204jc07-pix004-3.jpg

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Photobucket : JennChris_07
First Name : Jenn

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Great Tits

Here’s a vid I found labeled ‘Great Tits’ and if that isn’t an understatement. She simply peels off an orange bra and squeezes her beautiful juicy boobs for a minute, and thats the end of the clip. I tried to find where the video originated but no such luck.

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snapshot20081203231422.jpg snapshot20081203231440.jpg snapshot20081203231502.jpg
snapshot20081203231513.jpg snapshot20081203231533.jpg snapshot20081203231544.jpg

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Photobucket : (Unknown)

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Little Cali Blonde

Cute skinny chick with the Photobucket account Aamehmeh. I don’t know what this means maybe her name is Amy or maybe its just jibberish. Those dick sucking lips shes got make me want to do horrible things to her. Someone explain to me why girls find it necessary to take so many black and white photos all the time? I was full color high res nudity, damnit.


20081203aam-baaathroom.jpg 20081203aam-bathroom2.jpg 20081203aam-beach1.jpg 20081203aam-beach2.jpg 20081203aam-blacknwhite.jpg 20081203aam-dfgskdufgsdj.jpg 20081203aam-img_0658.jpg 20081203aam-naked3.jpg 20081203aam-photo3.jpg 20081203aam-photo9.jpg 20081203aam-photo11.jpg 20081203aam-photo12.jpg 20081203aam-photo13.jpg 20081203aam-photo14.jpg 20081203aam-photo15.jpg 20081203aam-photo16.jpg 20081203aam-photo17.jpg 20081203aam-photo18.jpg 20081203aam-photo19.jpg 20081203aam-photo21.jpg 20081203aam-photo25.jpg 20081203aam-photo26.jpg 20081203aam-photo28.jpg 20081203aam-photo29.jpg 20081203aam-photo28-1.jpg 20081203aam-photo29-1.jpg 20081203aam-photo30.jpg 20081203aam-photo31.jpg 20081203aam-photo32.jpg 20081203aam-photo33.jpg 20081203aam-photo34.jpg 20081203aam-photo234.jpg 20081203aam-photo311.jpg 20081203aam-redlips22.jpg 20081203aam-redlips33.jpg

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Photobucket : Aamehmeh
First Name : (Unknown)

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Cheerleader, Hooters Girl, Whore

Yes its another set of teasing pics. I couldn’t pass up on this big-titted whore though. She’s a bison cheerleader and she apparently works at a Hooter’s in South Carolina. Baby’s got a big ol’ butt too.


20081203chw-1.jpg 20081203chw-2.jpg 20081203chw-3.jpg 20081203chw-4.jpg 20081203chw-5.jpg 20081203chw-6.jpg 20081203chw-7.jpg 20081203chw-8.jpg 20081203chw-9.jpg 20081203chw-10.jpg 20081203chw-11.jpg 20081203chw-12.jpg 20081203chw-13.jpg 20081203chw-14.jpg 20081203chw-16.jpg 20081203chw-17.jpg 20081203chw-18.jpg 20081203chw-19.jpg 20081203chw-20.jpg

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Photobucket : (Unknown)