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I Think She Has Hazel Eyes, But I Cant Prove It

Found these pics under HazelEyedGurl1, so hence the title. All the pics of her with her eyes visible suck so I didn’t upload them. The pics of her tits, pussy and ass are hot. I particularly like her ass. I find, as in now for example, I like sexy asses a lot when I get drunk. The whiskey and cokes mixed with beer and Baileys mixed drinks did the job tonight. Enjoy, ass lovers.


20081119heg1-00401.jpg 20081119heg1-004.jpg 20081119heg1-006.jpg 20081119heg1-009-2.jpg 20081119heg1-019-2.jpg 20081119heg1-020-2.jpg 20081119heg1-055.jpg 20081119heg1-058.jpg 20081119heg1-082.jpg 20081119heg1-084.jpg 20081119heg1-156.jpg 20081119heg1-180-1.jpg 20081119heg1-181-1.jpg 20081119heg1-182.jpg 20081119heg1-183.jpg 20081119heg1-192.jpg 20081119heg1-212.jpg 20081119heg1-213.jpg 20081119heg1-221.jpg 20081119heg1-230.jpg 20081119heg1-235.jpg 20081119heg1-dsc08094.jpg 20081119heg1-dsc08119.jpg 20081119heg1-dsc08126.jpg 20081119heg1-dsc08430.jpg 20081119heg1-dsc08460.jpg 20081119heg1-dsc08462.jpg 20081119heg1-sexya2.jpg 20081119heg1-sexya3.jpg 20081119heg1-sexya5.jpg 20081119heg1-sexya6.jpg 20081119heg1-sexya8.jpg 20081119heg1-sexya.jpg

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Photobucket : HazelEyedGurl1
First Name : Danielle

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Trixie Teen Home Movie

Yeah whatever I’m terrible at remembering to post shit. Here’s that video in reference to the home pics done by Trixie Teen. Very short vid, but she has a very sexy ass and the movie is high res. Download it too!

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Heres The Link Back To The Trixie Teen Post


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Photobucket : MattBall77
First Name : Trixie

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Snakes On A Girl

So somebody requested this chick. They sent me an e-mail; “yo man you ever seen this chick before? its this girl with snakes on her.” Then it was a link to a picture at a different website. I will not name this website here cause in all honesty its crap with pop-ups and doesn’t deserve the promotion. I do have the whole picture set, the original account that I found personally is called lesliedances, but there were a couple pics of other people so I’m not positive this is the actual girl. For the sake of argument I shall call her Leslie and you shall rate her well and post comments and all that good stuff cause I know how much you love naked whores.


20081118ld-img_2468.jpg 20081118ld-img_2621.jpg 20081118ld-img_2622.jpg 20081118ld-img_2624.jpg 20081118ld-img_2625.jpg 20081118ld-img_2626.jpg 20081118ld-img_2734.jpg 20081118ld-img_2784.jpg 20081118ld-img_2785.jpg 20081118ld-img_2786.jpg 20081118ld-img_2787.jpg 20081118ld-img_2788.jpg 20081118ld-img_2789.jpg 20081118ld-img_2791.jpg 20081118ld-img_2792.jpg 20081118ld-img_2793.jpg 20081118ld-898365dc.jpg 20081118ld-img_2798.jpg 20081118ld-img_2799.jpg 20081118ld-img_2800.jpg 20081118ld-img_2811.jpg 20081118ld-img_2812.jpg 20081118ld-lesfemaleg.jpg

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Photobucket : LeslieDances
First Name : Leslie

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Little Emo Tease Girl

Photobucket name is EmoSk8rChik. Not sure this exists anymore, but a lot of great tease shots. I was waitin for a while to see her nude, but fuck it her she is teasing you. Lots of her pics are labeled Dankii so maybe thats her name slash nickname.


20081118esc-dankii2.jpg 20081118esc-dankii4.jpg 20081118esc-dankii5.jpg 20081118esc-dankii6.jpg 20081118esc-dankii7.jpg 20081118esc-dankii9.jpg 20081118esc-dankii.jpg 20081118esc-derek1.jpg 20081118esc-derek2.jpg 20081118esc-derek3.jpg 20081118esc-derek4.jpg 20081118esc-derek5.jpg 20081118esc-derek6.jpg 20081118esc-family005.jpg 20081118esc-family007.jpg 20081118esc-jstar147.jpg 20081118esc-kevin003-1.jpg 20081118esc-kevin004.jpg 20081118esc-kevin005.jpg 20081118esc-kevin006.jpg 20081118esc-nr1.jpg 20081118esc-nr3.jpg 20081118esc-nr4.jpg 20081118esc-nr6.jpg 20081118esc-smirnoff.jpg

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Photobucket : EmoSk8rChik
First Name : Dankii ?

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Girls That Make Dildos Out Of Styling Products Are Incredible

I would have made that title a bit more ‘cunning’ but I couldn’t fuckin figure out what this bitch has shoved up her pussy. It looks like a Garnier product or something. Homemade dildos NEVER go out of style. I used to know this bitch a while back that would go on her cam about 5 time a week and fuck herself with a studded rubber-handle hairbrush. I wouldda totally married that bitch if she didn’t get off on cheating on her boyfriend so much. Anywaaay, here guys.


20081116hmd-01.jpg 20081116hmd-02.jpg 20081116hmd-03.jpg 20081116hmd-04.jpg 20081116hmd-05.jpg 20081116hmd-06.jpg 20081116hmd-07.jpg 20081116hmd-08.jpg 20081116hmd-09.jpg 20081116hmd-10.jpg 20081116hmd-11.jpg 20081116hmd-13.jpg 20081116hmd-14.jpg 20081116hmd-15.jpg 20081116hmd-16.jpg


I started something new guys. I know people like to download and save shit on their computers for later, sooo from now on I will have all the pic sets in RAR form on MegaUpload. That way, you can download the videos/pics, save my server a bit of bandwidth, and make me cash with LinkBucks. I used inline ads only, no pop-ups. If you want to sign up there and make some cash too go for it and get me a referral or two. Commence to downloading.

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Photobucket : (None)

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Webcam Girl With Enormous Breasts

Another vid thats droppin back a bit old school. One of those Yahoo cam caps with the frame by frame, this chick is beautiful though with some of the biggest breasts I have ever seen, at least biggest natural ones. I’m assuming of course that they are natural by the way they hang. She has a very very cute pussy too. I don’t know where the girl is from or what her profile name is, so if anybody does recognize her for the love of god tell me!

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snapshot20081116103929.jpg snapshot20081116103941.jpg snapshot20081116103954.jpg
snapshot20081116104010.jpg snapshot20081116104018.jpg snapshot20081116104030.jpg

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Source : ?
First Name : Sydney ??

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Girls Naked On Stage At A Rock Band Show

I’m gonna call one of the girls in the pictures Christine since the user name found was called ChristineM1980. These fantastic quality pics consist of 3 or 4 girls naked on stage at some concert. You get to see a bit of snatch, I’m not sure what the deal is with the guy in the gas mask putting crime scene police tape all over some of the girls.


20081115cm1980-1bdcre2.jpg 20081115cm1980-6ee3re2.jpg 20081115cm1980-9f99re2.jpg 20081115cm1980-34b5re2.jpg 20081115cm1980-88d8re2.jpg 20081115cm1980-940bre2.jpg 20081115cm1980-2412re2.jpg 20081115cm1980-2643re2.jpg 20081115cm1980-4144re2.jpg 20081115cm1980-a1a1re2.jpg 20081115cm1980-c952re2.jpg 20081115cm1980-ca08re2.jpg 20081115cm1980-e33are2.jpg 20081115cm1980-f728re2.jpg

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Photobucket : ChristineM1980
First Name : Christine
Forum Thread : ..