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Puffy Nipple College Chick

I love these pics, honestly if I could pick a body on a girl it would be like this. Thin waist flat stomach, natural semi-perky tits, big but proportionate, and puffy nips to top it off. Yum. But anyway I digress… I’ve seen some of this pics scattered on Photobucket accounts, but these are all the ones I have from the set. I thought the pics were reencoded a million times over, but turns out these are the originals, they are just from a shit canon camera.


I missed a few, I think I accidentally deleted them before I finished writing the post. they are now added.

20081029pnc-9_0.jpeg 20081029pnc-9_0b.jpeg 20081029pnc-9_2.jpeg 20081029pnc-9_3.jpeg 20081029pnc-9_4.jpeg 20081029pnc-9_4c.jpeg 20081029pnc-9_4b.jpeg 20081029pnc-9_5.jpeg 20081029pnc-9_5b.jpeg 20081029pnc-9_6.jpeg 20081029pnc-9_6b.jpeg 20081029pnc-9_7.jpeg 20081029pnc-9_8.jpeg 20081029pnc-9_9.jpeg 20081029pnc-9_10.jpeg 20081029pnc-9_11.jpeg 20081029pnc-9_12.jpeg 20081029pnc-9_13.jpeg 20081029pnc-9_16.jpeg

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Andeeyuh Another Somethin Thats Played Out

I realized I haven’t posted very many of those really famous internet whores lately. Here ya go, another account thats been played to death, just in case you haven’t seen it yet. Posting accounts like this helps on occasion though, especially for search engine recognition. Also if you see all those online dating services advertised and say, hey who’s that chick? Well here’s one of em at least. Remember check the Photobucket Username List, and the Post Preview List to find more of those girls you’ve been tracking down. Enjoy.


20081029and-andrea__.jpg 20081029and-pict0002.jpg 20081029and-pict0003.jpg 20081029and-pict0008.jpg 20081029and-pict0014.jpg 20081029and-pict0034.jpg 20081029and-pict0035.jpg 20081029and-pict0042.jpg 20081029and-pict0044.jpg 20081029and-pict0047.jpg 20081029and-pict0050.jpg


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Kim Poses A Bit

Here’s a cute curvy big tittied girl, for those who feel the urge to request this on a daily basis. Ahem, you know who you are. I made sure they were very hi-res for ya too. Enjoy Kim enjoying herself.



20081028k-dcp-007.jpg 20081028k-kim-00.jpg 20081028k-kim-01.jpg 20081028k-kim-03.jpg 20081028k-kim-08.jpg 20081028k-kim-10.jpg 20081028k-kim-11.jpg 20081028k-kim-12.jpg 20081028k-kim-13.jpg 20081028k-kim-14.jpg 20081028k-kim-16.jpg 20081028k-kim-19.jpg 20081028k-kim-20.jpg 20081028k-kim-21.jpg 20081028k-kim-22.jpg 20081028k-kim-26.jpg 20081028k-kim-29.jpg 20081028k-kim-30.jpg 20081028k-kim-33.jpg 20081028k-kim-36.jpg 20081028k-kim-38.jpg 20081028k-kim-39.jpg 20081028k-kim-41.jpg

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She Loves Her Boyfriend

Yes according to this girls awful hard-on diminishing tighty-whitey panties, ‘she loves her boyfriend.’ I dought it, only because she looks like a filthy dirty whore, and the undergarments she chose to wear look like they were designed by a 3 year old. I found this lovely young lady at a Photobucket account called mbk123. Her crap pictures were taken by a Olympus digital camera that looks like it was purchased at a garage sale in 1995. Contact us baby if you get a new cam and wanna make some more fantastic pics.


20081027mbk-pic002_001.jpg 20081027mbk-pic004_001.jpg 20081027mbk-pic030.jpg 20081027mbk-pic033.jpg 20081027mbk-pic036.jpg 20081027mbk-pic037.jpg 20081027mbk-pic038.jpg 20081027mbk-pic043.jpg 20081027mbk-pic044.jpg 20081027mbk-pic046.jpg 20081027mbk-pic047.jpg 20081027mbk-pic048.jpg 20081027mbk-pic0381.jpg 20081027mbk-pic0411.jpg

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Skinny British Girl Hi-Def Fucking

Nice digital camera recording this super skinny British chick getting fucked with a sexy little skirt on. I could do fine probably without the stupid girl trying to sing along with her music. The download link is the 640×480 resolution .AVI format.

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snapshot20081027031549.jpg snapshot20081027031605.jpg snapshot20081027031704.jpg
snapshot20081027031711.jpg snapshot20081027031719.jpg snapshot20081027031745.jpg

Download Video Here
MegaUpload Link

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Get Me High And Fuck Me In The Butt

Before I show you these I must enter in a fantastic little legal prevention called ‘the disclaimer’… It reads as follows; Of course I am not promoting drug use, even when it leads to a female potentially more willing to have anal sex. Oh and believe me it definitely makes them want to try a lot more freaky shit thats for sure. As exhibit A shows us, butt sex, however uncomfortable it may appear, is achieved quite easily when the female is really fuckin stoned. Well maybe my disclaimer wasn’t perfect but I show people pictures of naked whores, what the fuck do you want from me?


20081026alh-a_little_high_1.jpg 20081026alh-a_little_high_2.jpg 20081026alh-a_little_high_3.jpg 20081026alh-a_little_high_6.jpg 20081026alh-a_little_high_7.jpg 20081026alh-a_little_high_8.jpg 20081026alh-a_little_high_11.jpg 20081026alh-a_little_high_12.jpg 20081026alh-a_little_high_13.jpg 20081026alh-a_little_high_14.jpg 20081026alh-a_little_high_15.jpg 20081026alh-a_little_high_16.jpg 20081026alh-a_little_high_17.jpg 20081026alh-a_little_high_18.jpg 20081026alh-a_little_high_19.jpg 20081026alh-a_little_high_20.jpg

Download Picture Set (And Unused Pics) From Uploading

Source : IRC
First Name : (Unknown)
Forum Thread : ..

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Just One Tiny Pink Pokey Nipple

Yep, that’s all you get you greedy sons of bitches. This girl does have the cutest little nipples ever. I say nipples hoping the other one exists since I can only see one. Of course I’m assuming its nipples plural as I picture twisting both of them simultaneously while she rides me with the bottom half of that fucking cute little outfit on, pink thong pushed to the side and everything. Her account is Sannassa, I have somewhere between 10 and 50,000 more pics of her, that are utter garbage, nothing worth the time it takes to glance at her fully clothed, looking at the camera with stupid myspace-esq smirks on her dumb face.


20081025san-52.jpg 20081025san-53.jpg 20081025san-54.jpg 20081025san-56.jpg 20081025san-57.jpg 20081025san-74.jpg 20081025san-77.jpg 20081025san-95.jpg 20081025san-96.jpg 20081025san-97.jpg 20081025san-98.jpg 20081025san-99.jpg 20081025san-100.jpg 20081025san-101.jpg 20081025san-102.jpg 20081025san-103.jpg 20081025san-104.jpg 20081025san-105.jpg 20081025san-183.jpg 20081025san-bw.jpg 20081025san-um.jpg