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Due To Much Request, The Bloody Chaos Videos

I know a lot of people have sent me E-Mails and left comments with regards to this post : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=675 …Her username was BloodyChaos and she also happens to be one of my favorite girls on the entire website. I wrote when I posted the chick I had 3 little camera phone videos I would post later. I though hmm these vids are tiny, low lit, and barely watchable really… but decided I should post them anyway. When trying to convert them and post em as flash I came to realize they were some kind of old school poorly rendered ASF videos, named as a wmv file. I was unable to convert them, and I couldn’t even properly convert em to an uncompressed mpg form first. Long story slightly shortened — I wasn’t able to post. So I decided I should just upload them today and let you download all 3 videos as they are in a zip file. Enjoy.

BloodyChaos – 3 Cell Phone Videos

Left Click To Download From MegaUpload

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Hello Kitty Emo Chick – Part 2 Of 5

Everybody seems quite eager to see the rest of this girl, so I deliver some more. This time you get to see more of her ass, and oddly enough, she is actually wearing clothes in some of these!


Part 1 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=4699
Part 3 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=5116
Part 4 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=5426
Part 5 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=5830

20081024pe2-1-20.jpg 20081024pe2-1-21.jpg 20081024pe2-1-22.jpg 20081024pe2-1-23.jpg 20081024pe2-1-24.jpg 20081024pe2-1-25.jpg 20081024pe2-1-26.jpg 20081024pe2-1-27.jpg 20081024pe2-1-29.jpg 20081024pe2-1-30.jpg 20081024pe2-1-31.jpg 20081024pe2-1-32.jpg 20081024pe2-1-33.jpg 20081024pe2-1-34.jpg 20081024pe2-1-35.jpg 20081024pe2-1-36.jpg 20081024pe2-1-37.jpg 20081024pe2-1-38.jpg

Download Picture Set
Hosted With MegaRotic

Photobucket : (Unknown)

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St Edwards University Chick Fucking And Giving Head – Part 2 of 3

Don’t worry I didn’t forget the rest of these lovely pics. I do know I have a lot of photo sets split into parts that are still waiting to be updated. I’ll get to em asap. The last 13 of these are a bitter lower res. This bitch seems fascinated with her tits and pussy.


Part 1 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=4612
Part 3 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=5976

20081024g87p2-020.jpg 20081024g87p2-021.jpg 20081024g87p2-022.jpg 20081024g87p2-023-1.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-024.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-033.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-023-1.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-024-1.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-025-1.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-026-1.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-028-1.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-029-1.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-030-1.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-031.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-031-1.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-032-1.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-034-1.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-035.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-036.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-037.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-038.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-039.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-040.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-041.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-042.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-043.jpg 20081024g87p2-20081024g87p2-044.jpg

Download Picture Set From Uploading
Download Picture Set From HotFile

Photobucket : Gordoman87
First Name : (Unknown)
Forum Thread : ..

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Zoom In Close, Shy Girl On Video With A Cum-Filled Pussy

I actually lost this video, had it saved in a folder, inside my MAY folder. So it was supposed to be posted in may. Pretend its may. I don’t know her Photobucket, or in this case probably his. It’s really close up, fucking her pussy til its beat up, and cum is dripping down it. Also, she’s a cute latin or middle eastern babe who apparently doesn’t super enjoy being filmed. Here’s to pushy boyfriends, whore.

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Download Video Here
Right Click… Save Target [Link] As…

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Foreign Blonde Chick In The Shower

I’m making a bit of an effort to drop off all my older pixely pics, like these. Don’t worry, I got high res photos all day! Enjoy her shower pics own.


20081024fsbc-010_123_393lo.jpg 20081024fsbc-011_123_1064lo.jpg 20081024fsbc-012_123_710lo.jpg 20081024fsbc-013_123_158lo.jpg 20081024fsbc-015_123_106lo.jpg 20081024fsbc-016_123_91lo.jpg 20081024fsbc-014_123_1030lo.jpg 20081024fsbc-017_123_177lo.jpg

Want Some Programs?

So that the viewers can check out the fruits of my labor, I wanted to make this post to direct you towards the Programs : Fuskers post. This is the first of many little directories I’m posting up. You can find all your favorite fuskering programs, and download them, of course they are all free programs! Of course the link will be up in the top toolbar forever, so visit it when you need it.

Programs : Fuskers

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Blonde Fucking, Cumming And Playing With A Back Vibrator

Them hips is built for baby-makin. This bitch is sexy but what the fuck, did she use a piece of broken glass to shave her pussy? Maybe she just handed a straight razor to Hellen Keller. Nothin like super super high resolution to point out horrible imperfections. Well props to homeboy for bein able to ‘enjoy’ eatin that pussy out.


20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0001.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0003.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0005.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0006.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0007.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0008.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0009.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0010.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0011.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0012.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0013.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0014.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0015.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0017.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0018.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0019.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0020.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0021.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0022.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0023.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0026.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0027.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0028.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0029.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0030.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0031.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0033.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0034.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0036.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0037.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0039.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0040.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0041.jpg 20081022fhb-fcknhotblnd-0042.jpg