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Jokers Angel Pics – Part 2

So heres part 2, and you only had to wait a week and a half. Its worth the wait though I’m sure.


 Part 1: http://realwebwhores.com/?p=3925

20080905ja2-100_1131.jpg 20080905ja2-100_1133.jpg 20080905ja2-100_1136.jpg 20080905ja2-100_1138.jpg 20080905ja2-100_1139.jpg 20080905ja2-100_1141.jpg 20080905ja2-100_1148.jpg 20080905ja2-100_1150.jpg 20080905ja2-100_1153.jpg 20080905ja2-100_1154.jpg 20080905ja2-100_1155.jpg 20080905ja2-100_1157.jpg 20080905ja2-100_1161.jpg 20080905ja2-100_1162.jpg 20080905ja2-100_1163.jpg 20080905ja2-100_1165.jpg 20080905ja2-100_1166.jpg 20080905ja2-100_1167.jpg 20080905ja2-100_1168.jpg 20080905ja2-100_1169.jpg 20080905ja2-100_1170.jpg 20080905ja2-100_1171.jpg


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Hot Girl With Enormous Implants Fucks Some Douchebag

Message to the girl in this video, I don’t know how much homeboys payin ya, but I’ll double it baby, we can even fuck for more than 3 minutes. I just cannot get over the tits on this girl. You guys prob know I prefer the real ones, but these are like a fuckin circus exhibit with this 90 pound girl and her 30 pounds of breastsss. I have had this vid for a while and I think I’ve seen it circulated here and there, but still worth showing.

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20080902btgdb-untitled-1.jpg 20080902btgdb-untitled-2.jpg 20080902btgdb-untitled-3.jpg
20080902btgdb-untitled-4.jpg 20080902btgdb-untitled-5.jpg 20080902btgdb-untitled-6.jpg

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Photobucket : (Unknown)
First Name : (Unknown)

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Big Fake-Titted College Whore

I think the title accurately depicts everything you need to know about this chick. Shes in some frat house or sorority judging by the letters on the wall. Now I do not have absolute proof her tits are fake, but I have never seen faker looking tits in my life. She turns to the camera for a profile and it looks like too fuckin water balloons taped to her chest. I like the booty though, I think I’d fuck her from behind.


20080828bftcg-hehe006.jpg 20080828bftcg-img_0581.jpg 20080828bftcg-img_0585.jpg 20080828bftcg-img_0586.jpg 20080828bftcg-img_0590.jpg 20080828bftcg-img_0904.jpg 20080828bftcg-jazz001.jpg 20080828bftcg-jazz004.jpg 20080828bftcg-m31.jpg 20080828bftcg-m32.jpg 20080828bftcg-me002_edited.jpg 20080828bftcg-me009.jpg

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Allies Cam

Here’s a little dark-skinned whom I believed is named Allie. Found this quick set in some dudes Photobucket account. Enjoy, rate, share.


What a fat little pussy.

20080826ac-alliescam259.jpg 20080826ac-alliescam280.jpg 20080826ac-alliescam281.jpg 20080826ac-alliescam282.jpg 20080826ac-alliescam284.jpg 20080826ac-alliescam285.jpg 20080826ac-alliescam287.jpg 20080826ac-alliescam288.jpg 20080826ac-l_0354831ca20d59ffe3ae6022d34f1b94.jpg

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Jokers Angel Pics – Part 1

Here’s a photoset for ya that I’ve actually had possession of since the first week I started this website! I’ve been holdin on to it in my back pocket you could say. Photobucket ID was jokers0angel. Thats a Zero in the middle there. Perfect ass great tits on this one, more self shots in the mirror. And yes this is Part 1 I will throw Part 2 up for you shortly.


Part 2 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=3981

20080824j0a-100_1080.jpg 20080824j0a-100_1082.jpg 20080824j0a-100_1083.jpg 20080824j0a-100_1085.jpg 20080824j0a-100_1087.jpg 20080824j0a-100_1092.jpg 20080824j0a-100_1093.jpg 20080824j0a-100_1094.jpg 20080824j0a-100_1095.jpg 20080824j0a-100_1096.jpg 20080824j0a-100_1097.jpg 20080824j0a-100_1103.jpg 20080824j0a-100_1105.jpg 20080824j0a-100_1107.jpg 20080824j0a-100_1108.jpg 20080824j0a-100_1109.jpg 20080824j0a-100_1110.jpg 20080824j0a-100_1111.jpg 20080824j0a-100_1113.jpg 20080824j0a-100_1124.jpg 20080824j0a-100_1128.jpg 20080824j0a-100_1129.jpg

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CapillaryRed, Clevery Covered

This girls name is CapillaryRed, she keeps shit mostly on the low, with 2 beautiful exceptions; A side view of her perfect perky titties, and an amazing full frontal. These are some classy little pics though.


20080817cr-img2038nm0.jpg 20080817cr-img2148yu5.jpg 20080817cr-img2209wl9.jpg 20080817cr-kb089.jpg 20080817cr-kb091.jpg 20080817cr-kitties009fb2.jpg 20080817cr-kitties011ua8.jpg 20080817cr-misc019.jpg 20080817cr-n00dz002.jpg 20080817cr-n00dz005.jpg 20080817cr-n00dz010.jpg 20080817cr-n00dz012.jpg 20080817cr-n00dz013.jpg 20080817cr-nudes005rc5.jpg 20080817cr-nudes007mf4.jpg 20080817cr-nudes012.jpg 20080817cr-nudes016af0.jpg 20080817cr-nudes020dy6.jpg 20080817cr-nudes033jk7.jpg 20080817cr-nudes_130.jpg 20080817cr-nudes_173.jpg

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Photobucket : CapillaryRed
First Name : (Unknown)
Forum Thread : ..

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Nappy-Red-Headed Hoe

Talk about nappy hair on this one. Of course the title is in reference to the Don Imus incident. The carpet matches the drapes, at least she keeps it well kept down there lol. Photobucket account for all you wanna be internet sleuths out there is poorjimscomputer. Not sure if its still alive, and god knows I’m too fuckin lazy to check, enjoy this little tattooed hippie bitch.


20080814pjc-allready.jpg 20080814pjc-allspreadout.jpg 20080814pjc-boobies.jpg 20080814pjc-bootyshot.jpg 20080814pjc-cleavage.jpg 20080814pjc-flexibility.jpg 20080814pjc-lemonface-1.jpg 20080814pjc-mirrorshot.jpg 20080814pjc-modelpose.jpg 20080814pjc-phatass.jpg 20080814pjc-sweetass.jpg 20080814pjc-whatareyoudrunk.jpg 20080814pjc-widehips.jpg