500,000 Visitors

About a minute away from our first ‘milestone’ if you were to call it that. As it stands now we have had 499,972 Visitors, and we will hit 500,000 in approx 60 sec, so probably even before I’m done typing this post. A big thank you to all 500,000 of you guys! I hope we go well past a million!

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Dr Slim Jim In Jamaica

Some hardcore y’all. Who the fuck says y’all anyway? So there’s this Photobucket account I discovered called ‘doctorslimjim’ and its some nice hardcore action apparently in Jamaica with a hot tanned chick.


20080509dsj-jamaica2.jpg 20080509dsj-jamaica3.jpg 20080509dsj-jamaica4.jpg 20080509dsj-jamaica5.jpg 20080509dsj-jamaica6.jpg 20080509dsj-jamaica8.jpg 20080509dsj-jamaica10.jpg

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Light-Skinned Black Chick, A Little Blur

Before you start with the comments about the blurriness and shit-quality of the camera used by this chick, the equal-opportunity enforcers are demanding I put more ethnic-variety in my porn site. Not literally, but it was brought to my attention I didn’t have very many black chicks on this site, but this set is passable, so… peace.


20080509s2-p080424001edit1.jpg 20080509s2-sex.jpg
20080509s2-sexxy.jpg 20080509s2-sexy_.jpg

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Ukranian Girl Named Candie – Part 1 of 4

I got about 160 pics so here’s part 1 of 4. I saved all the bestest for last, so lucky for you, you’ll be checkin back about every day! I’ll spread it out like one part every 3 days for the next couple weeks. This first set is definitely for all the ass/thong lovers out there! And fyi, she does show her titties and spread her pussy for everyone :).


Part 2 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=3252
Part 3 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=3455
Part 4 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=3627

20080509c1989-img_0282.jpg 20080509c1989-img_0297.jpg 20080509c1989-img_0298.jpg 20080509c1989-img_0324.jpg 20080509c1989-img_0367.jpg 20080509c1989-img_0423.jpg 20080509c1989-img_0438.jpg 20080509c1989-img_0441.jpg 20080509c1989-img_0443.jpg 20080509c1989-img_0445.jpg 20080509c1989-img_0567.jpg 20080509c1989-img_0678.jpg 20080509c1989-img_0679.jpg 20080509c1989-img_0825.jpg 20080509c1989-img_0826.jpg 20080509c1989-img_0827.jpg 20080509c1989-img_0834.jpg 20080509c1989-img_1243.jpg 20080509c1989-img_1245.jpg 20080509c1989-img_1249.jpg 20080509c1989-img_1260.jpg 20080509c1989-img_1265.jpg 20080509c1989-img_1904.jpg 20080509c1989-img_1905.jpg 20080509c1989-img_1906.jpg 20080509c1989-img_1908.jpg 20080509c1989-img_1926.jpg 20080509c1989-img_1927.jpg 20080509c1989-img_1930.jpg 20080509c1989-img_1933.jpg 20080509c1989-img_1989.jpg 20080509c1989-img_1990.jpg 20080509c1989-img_1991.jpg 20080509c1989-img_1993.jpg 20080509c1989-img_2149.jpg 20080509c1989-img_2150.jpg 20080509c1989-img_2151.jpg 20080509c1989-img_2161.jpg 20080509c1989-img_2162.jpg

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Painted, Freckled And Tattooed Up

This is for all the fans of tattoos. And body paint. And for all those people who like REAL girls and are maaaaybe a bit upset some ‘pro’ girls have slipped through the cracks, and I do hope you enjoy!


20080509np-100_0552.jpg 20080509np-100_0564.jpg 20080509np-100_0567.jpg 20080509np-100_0594.jpg 20080509np-100_0604.jpg 20080509np-100_0605.jpg 20080509np-100_0611.jpg 20080509np-100_0616.jpg 20080509np-100_0620.jpg 20080509np-100_0622.jpg 20080509np-100_0630.jpg 20080509np-100_0677.jpg 20080509np-100_0686.jpg 20080509np-100_0691.jpg 20080509np-100_0692.jpg 20080509np-100_0696.jpg 20080509np-b4.jpg 20080509np-birds11.jpg 20080509np-birds12.jpg 20080509np-nadinesship010.jpg 20080509np-nin1-4-08009.jpg 20080509np-nin1-4-08010.jpg 20080509np-picture004.jpg 20080509np-picture005.jpg 20080509np-picture006.jpg

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Sexy Whore Gets Fucked At Mardi Gras!

Since spring is about over, I figured I’d throw ya one more dose of spring break… In this episode we see a lovely tan little whore with giant titties getting fucked at Mardi Gras, with the beads still on. Classy ;). This is a nice long video with a few great angles as well, get drunk, then come and vote. And to the fuckers who keep voting everything a 1 and only one post a 10, I don’t see the purpose to be honest. I am currently developing a way to give users the ability to save posts as favorites so if anyone has some good ideas, I use wordpress, forward em over to admin@realwebwhores.com!

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Source : (Unknown)
First Name : Katie

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Lovely Pink Pussy

I just can’t get over how pink this chicks pussy is. But nothing and I mean NOTHING beats that picture of her posing for the camera in the shower! I found 4 pics of this chick in a Photobucket account, possibly just a pic collector. If anyone has the rest, if there are more, throw em my way!


All The Pictures Of Her Are HERE:

20080508lpp-stunning_teen_16.jpg 20080508lpp-stunning_teen_23.jpg 20080508lpp-stunning_teen_27.jpg