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Starr Has A Perfect Tattoo On Her Boob

I’m not a fan of the tittie tattoos girls like these days. Here’s a fantastic exception. This chick has a perfect little tattoo on the underside of her right breast. It’s just a little tribal shit, but it is beautifully done. I got these pictures about this time last year I believe, just been hangin on to em for a while. Enjoy and keep votin guys!


20080420sb-08-01-07_2126.jpg 20080420sb-08-01-07_2127.jpg 20080420sb-08-01-07_2129.jpg 20080420sb-18-03-07_0216.jpg 20080420sb-18-03-07_0217.jpg 20080420sb-18-03-07_0218.jpg 20080420sb-18-03-07_0223.jpg 20080420sb-18-03-07_0227.jpg 20080420sb-18-03-07_0228.jpg 20080420sb-18-03-07_0237.jpg 20080420sb-18-03-07_0238.jpg 20080420sb-18-03-07_0241.jpg 20080420sb-18-03-07_0243.jpg 20080420sb-20-11-06_2107.jpg 20080420sb-22-01-07_2226.jpg 20080420sb-22-01-07_2230.jpg

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Just named this post Ashley. That’s her name, and she’s a smokin little pale white girl, with very nice lingerie and a great quality camera! She’s a good girl too for lettin her boyfriend take these pics and put em on the internet. :)


ashley01_013.jpg ashley01_033.jpg ashley01_038.jpg ashley01_046.jpg ashley01_070.jpg ashley01_072.jpg ashley01_077.jpg ashley01_077.jpg ashley01_078.jpg ashley01_089.jpg ashley01_208.jpg ashley01_214.jpg ashley01_219.jpg ashley01_221.jpg ashley01_222.jpg ashley01_230.jpg ashley01_231.jpg ashley01_232.jpg ashley01_233.jpg ashley01_234.jpg ashley01_240.jpg ashley01_327.jpg ashley01_338.jpg ashley01_415.jpg ashley01_420.jpg ashley01_429.jpg ashley01_449.jpg ashley01_451.jpg ashley01_473.jpg ashley01_482.jpg ashley01_547.jpg ashley01_549.jpg ashley01_552.jpg ashley01_554.jpg ashley01_555.jpg ashley01_556.jpg ashley01_557.jpg ashley01_560.jpg ashley01_568.jpg ashley01_571.jpg ashley01_574.jpg ashley01_608.jpg ashley01_609.jpg ashley01_611.jpg ashley01_622.jpg ashley01_627.jpg

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Dark Tanned Lesbians

Because I’ve never heard of having a website with too many lesbians. These girls are cute too they almost look like they could be sisters. Which would add a whole different angle to this photoset…


20080418hf-homeyfriend01.jpg 20080418hf-homeyfriend02.jpg 20080418hf-homeyfriend03.jpg 20080418hf-homeyfriend04.jpg 20080418hf-homeyfriend05.jpg 20080418hf-homeyfriend06.jpg 20080418hf-homeyfriend08.jpg 20080418hf-homeyfriend09.jpg 20080418hf-homeyfriend10.jpg 20080418hf-homeyfriend11.jpg 20080418hf-homeyfriend13.jpg 20080418hf-homeyfriend14.jpg 20080418hf-homeyfriend15.jpg 20080418hf-homeyfriend17.jpg 20080418hf-homeyfriend18.jpg

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She Squirts Like The Niagra Falls

This vid is definitely an original. This girl squirts like none I’ve seen, it sprays outta her like a shower head. She’s got her butt plugged and she’s using a dildo to get off. I may add a screenshot or two later but it really ruins the surprise. :)

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Here’s The Download Link
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Close Up Christine

I like this first picture, looks like she just woke up. Or got finished drinking. It’s the only picture of her face as well.


20080416cs-img_0125.jpeg 20080416cs-img_0130.jpeg 20080416cs-img_0139.jpeg 20080416cs-img_0166.jpeg 20080416cs-img_0168.jpeg 20080416cs-img_0195.jpeg 20080416cs-img_0197.jpeg 20080416cs-img_0201.jpeg 20080416cs-img_0208.jpeg 20080416cs-img_0251.jpeg 20080416cs-img_0257.jpeg 20080416cs-img_0259.jpeg 20080416cs-img_0266.jpeg 20080416cs-img_0272.jpeg 20080416cs-img_0288.jpeg 20080416cs-img_0291.jpeg 20080416cs-img_0304.jpeg 20080416cs-img_0311.jpeg 20080416cs-img_0312.jpeg 20080416cs-img_0314.jpeg 20080416cs-img_0315.jpeg

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Speak Spanish, Suck Dick – Speak Irish, Eat Pussy (Part 1 of 2)

So this is a winner for surrre. SpeakSpanish I believe, was the original user name. I have a lot of pics of just her and her with men, mostly sucking cock. Now then I have a whole photoset of her labeled SpeakIrish, with her eating an (apparently Irish) girls pussy. Holy shit she looks happy to do both. So here’s set number one, the blowjob pics, enjoy!


Part 2: http://realwebwhores.com/?p=3303

20080415sspt1-65736__speakspanish_new_bj2_519lo.jpg 20080415sspt1-65740__speakspanish_new_bj4_466lo.jpg 20080415sspt1-65745__speakspanish_new_bj1_438lo.jpg20080415sspt1-65755__speakspanish_new2_541lo.jpg 20080415sspt1-65766__speakspanish_new_bj3_584lo.jpg 20080415sspt1-65768__speakspanish_new4_556lo.jpg 20080415sspt1-65773__speakspanish_new1_512lo.jpg 20080415sspt1-65777__speakspanish_new3_404lo.jpg 20080415sspt1-dscf2625.jpg 20080415sspt1-dscf2628.jpg 20080415sspt1-dscf2629.jpg 20080415sspt1-dscf2632.jpg 20080415sspt1-dscf2633.jpg 20080415sspt1-dscf2634.jpg 20080415sspt1-dscf2635.jpg 20080415sspt1-l_027cf20c6f0287217096f736efc0cf52.jpg 20080415sspt1-l_01555418b2e6f0839b2f7906a4c710a7.jpg 20080415sspt1-l_a7df45547f149326709236dcc6040d9b.jpg 20080415sspt1-l_c441e9c09fb6d33cea7e63d93b2d3fca.jpg 20080415sspt1-l_d107722bdb2a7233e56191d7734897b5.jpg 20080415sspt1-speakspanish1.jpg 20080415sspt1-speakspanish2.jpg 20080415sspt1-speakspanish3.jpg 20080415sspt1-speakspanish-bj1.jpg 20080415sspt1-speakspanish-bj2.jpg 20080415sspt1-speakspanish-bj3.jpg 20080415sspt1-speakspanish-bj4.jpg 20080415sspt1-speakspanish-bj5.jpg 20080415sspt1-stripped5.jpg

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04 Tan Girl With Blue Hammer Pants

Here’s a nice old school photoset from way back in 2004. Hence the title O4 with Blue Hammer Pants. The ‘Hammer Pants’ reference referring to her shiny blue pajama pants that look like blue MC Hammer pants from the early 90’s. I don’t know where this set was originally found, I grabbed it off IRC probably 3 years ago. I definitely like the dark tan skin that almost looks natural on her, and the blowjob pic in this set. Her heads a bit cut off, but that just means she can’t claim these pics are hers at some point, or she’ll have to go through hell to prove it ;) hehe. Yeah, I know I’m dick, fuck it.


20080414tgbhp-1.jpg 20080414tgbhp-3.jpg 20080414tgbhp-4.jpg 20080414tgbhp-5.jpg 20080414tgbhp-6.jpg 20080414tgbhp-7.jpg 20080414tgbhp-8.jpg