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Sexy Volkswagon Girl – Part 2

Just so happened to find some more pics of the VW girl, didn’t see that comin… Some lucky visitors tonight.


Part 1: http://realwebwhores.com/?p=1790

20080405vw2-ambersshit003.jpg 20080405vw2-ambersshit004.jpg 20080405vw2-ambersshit005.jpg 20080405vw2-ambersshit006.jpg 20080405vw2-ambersshit007.jpg 20080405vw2-ambersshit008.jpg 20080405vw2-ambersshit009.jpg 20080405vw2-ambersshit010.jpg 20080405vw2-ambersshit011.jpg 20080405vw2-ambersshit012.jpg 20080405vw2-ambersshit013.jpg 20080405vw2-ambersshit014.jpg 20080405vw2-ambersshit015.jpg 20080405vw2-ambersshit016.jpg 20080405vw2-ambersshit018.jpg 20080405vw2-ambersshit020.jpg

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This Ones A Freak, With Silicone, Anal Beads, Dildos – Part 1 of 2

This girls a crazy little nympho, fucking herself with anal beads and dildos, playing dress up and using some bondage shit. Hell, this is only Part 1 of 2! Better stay tuned for the rest…


Part 2 : http://realwebwhores.com/?p=2682

20080405jblo1-dane0021.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane003.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane004.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane005.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane001-1.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane002-1.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane003-1.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane004-1.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane006-1.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane007-1.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane008.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane009.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane010.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane011.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane012.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane013.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane014.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane006.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane007.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane015.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane016.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane016-1.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane012-11.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane013-1.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane014-1.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane015-1.jpg 20080405jblo1-dane017-1.jpg

Tedious Advertisement Sorting

I am currently in the awful process or sorting through any and all ads on the site (displayed on the top and right sidebar) Testing the websites, and getting rid of any ‘garbage’ ads. Garbage meaning the ads are ugly or obnoxious, or the websites are terrible or just websites full of more ads. OR the possibility the specific ad just doesn’t pay enough :). For anyone who would like to support the site, its very easy: Simply visit the sponsors. I took the ‘Snap Picture’ preview thing off the site, since it didn’t do anything to help preview most of the ads; and I make sure all the links on this site are tested and safe.

So that’s the update for today, I am working on getting some galleries together for anyone who would like to support us by joining websites, that will be an option, anyone who would like to donate cash to us, which trust me I’m all for, that option is always there just throw me a message. Any other ideas, feedbacks, or ways to help are always welcome. This site is run FOR the people, feel free to send me pics or videos of girls you’d like to have uploaded, or links you think may be worth trading. Thanks again everybody.

– Admin

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Tiny Tanned Babe Does A Quick Strip Video

Dark tan sweet looking girl, quickly strips off her clothes in her bedroom. Very hot girl, just a quick minute video. Hot body, I wish the resolution was better.

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20080404atnd-untitled-1.jpg 20080404atnd-untitled-2.jpg 20080404atnd-untitled-3.jpg
20080404atnd-untitled-4.jpg 20080404atnd-untitled-5.jpg 20080404atnd-untitled-6.jpg
Heres The Download Link!

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Star Tattoos Everywhere

For those with the ‘tat fetish’ here ya go, some nice star tattoos draped all over this whore’s body. Her heads cut off, but I’m sure she’s a butter-face anyway. This way at least people she knows won’t know how much of a whore she is.


20080404st-dsc01426.jpg 20080404st-dsc01432.jpg 20080404st-dsc01444.jpg 20080404st-dsc01447.jpg 20080404st-dsc01462.jpg 20080404st-dsc01476.jpg

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Soaking Wet; Tie Cigarette And Beer

Here’s a cute little whore, all drunk, sweaty and soaking wet. Already ready for ya on this lovely Friday night. Party like a rockstar boys and girls.


20080404tcb-picture001.jpg 20080404tcb-picture005.jpg 20080404tcb-picture012.jpg 20080404tcb-picture018.jpg 20080404tcb-picture019.jpg 20080404tcb-picture021.jpg 20080404tcb-picture022.jpg 20080404tcb-picture024.jpg 20080404tcb-picture025.jpg 20080404tcb-picture026.jpg

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Just Your Boobs Please, Hi Res Close Up

Seems like some girls just know what guys want, fuck all those pics of you ‘teasing’ and pics of you with a cute little ‘kissy face’ just tits or get the fuck out (as the expression goes). Then you realize you’re probably looking at her boyfriends Photobucket account. Hence you have this result.


20080403jb-picture001.jpg 20080403jb-picture002.jpg 20080403jb-picture003.jpg 20080403jb-picture005.jpg 20080403jb-picture006.jpg 20080403jb-picture007.jpg 20080403jb-picture008.jpg 20080403jb-picture009.jpg 20080403jb-picture010.jpg 20080403jb-picture011.jpg 20080403jb-picture012.jpg 20080403jb-picture013.jpg 20080403jb-picture014.jpg 20080403jb-picture015.jpg 20080403jb-picture016.jpg 20080403jb-picture017.jpg 20080403jb-picture018.jpg 20080403jb-picture019.jpg 20080403jb-picture020.jpg 20080403jb-picture021.jpg