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LimpChic4You – Part 2

Part 2 of this sexy stacked little lady. This one has a nice blonde busty chick pushing their tits together. Why are my sentences so goddamn full of alliteration? Fuck it, I’m posting part 2 please play nice. :)


The cool thing about part 2 is we also got some nice high res topless shots, some lesbian action and a blow job pic!

Part 1: http://realwebwhores.com/?p=2003

20080326lc4u2-06203500011359073167727limpchic4you.jpg 20080326lc4u2-06366120011284822023159.jpg 20080326lc4u2-06717870011311619306483.jpg 20080326lc4u2-06909520011359075778473limpchic4you.jpg 20080326lc4u2-07636580011284824978369.jpg 20080326lc4u2-07719410011359073819679limpchic4you.jpg 20080326lc4u2-08032480011311613396029.jpg 20080326lc4u2-08101500011261643845846.jpg 20080326lc4u2-08104120011311618535865.jpg 20080326lc4u2-08218320011269459267727.jpg 20080326lc4u2-08227480011773626288204.jpg 20080326lc4u2-08372770011261644012121.jpg 20080326lc4u2-08536310011261644306378.jpg 20080326lc4u2-08557810011738264248397.jpg 20080326lc4u2-08582880011359079201749limpchic4you.jpg 20080326lc4u2-08804300011743274739968.jpg 20080326lc4u2-09174160011359081576259limpchic4you.jpeg 20080326lc4u2-114549600707248890011452310444070.jpg 20080326lc4u2-114549605700199840011452304279714.jpg 20080326lc4u2-114574662506717870011311619306483.jpg 20080326lc4u2-boooblimpchik.jpeg 20080326lc4u2-dickinaround047.jpg 20080326lc4u2-jennnlimpchikc.jpg 20080326lc4u2-jjjjjjlimpchik.jpeg 20080326lc4u2-l_0680eefc6c98ff2bf3a3868446ff4f6b.jpg 20080326lc4u2-l_b464b1bb2e7c923e4e30766b6fe0c3a5.jpg 20080326lc4u2-t_1136579442leanlimpchic4you.jpeg 20080326lc4u2-t_1136579472doggylimpchic4you.jpeg

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Self Pics Of Amazingly Big Titties

Talk about big and floppy, they look like the eyes of an old basset hound after being thrown through a rock tumbler. I’d poke her a few times. Only because afterwards I would have a very nice pair of pillows to lay down my sleepy head. However I will forbid her from ever wearing those goddamn yellow polka-dotted boy shorts or whatever those fuckin things are. Yeah, way to go shopping at the Wal-Mart young girls department for some fucking underwearsss. I’ll forgive you if you keep taking your clothes off though.


20080325spabt-1.jpg 20080325spabt-2.jpg 20080325spabt-4.jpg 20080325spabt-5.jpg 20080325spabt-6.jpg 20080325spabt-7.jpg 20080325spabt-8.jpg

Collapsible Archives Added

I just recently threw in a plug-in to create some nice looking collapsing categories… Now I have it set to be expanded by default, but it seems I cannot have just this month expanded to start with the rest of the months and years NOT expanded. So I will prob take that off later. I will post some more pictures later I didn’t get home yet to have any time. Feedback on the updates to the site always appreciated.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everybody! I picked a pair that look like eggs to celebrate, I also grabbed the biggest I could find. I only have about 10 other pics of the girl and she’s fully clothed so I figure this would work. Hope everybody has had a wonderful Easter Sunday. I ate a lot of ham and eggs and got a blowjob. Then I had some cheesecake and Jell-O and its off to the computer for more pictures! Tonight I will have more updates up so check back.


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Good Dick Sucker

Now here’s a sport. She looks very proficient at the art of head giving. To top it off she takes pics for us in the tub! Only shit better is her giving head while in the tub, and her getting fucked from behind.


20080322gds-001.jpg 20080322gds-002.jpg 20080322gds-003.jpg 20080322gds-004.jpg 20080322gds-005.jpg 20080322gds-006.jpg 20080322gds-007.jpg 20080322gds-008.jpg 20080322gds-009.jpg 20080322gds-010.jpg 20080322gds-011.jpg 20080322gds-012.jpg 20080322gds-013.jpg 20080322gds-014.jpg 20080322gds-015.jpg 20080322gds-016.jpg 20080322gds-017.jpg 20080322gds-018.jpg 20080322gds-019.jpg 20080322gds-020.jpg 20080322gds-021.jpg 20080322gds-022.jpg 20080322gds-023.jpg 20080322gds-024.jpg 20080322gds-025.jpg 20080322gds-026.jpg 20080322gds-027.jpg 20080322gds-028.jpg 20080322gds-029.jpg 20080322gds-030.jpg 20080322gds-031.jpg 20080322gds-032.jpg 20080322gds-033.jpg 20080322gds-035.jpg 20080322gds-036.jpg 20080322gds-038.jpg 20080322gds-039.jpg

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Just Some Body Shots

I think she has a bruise on her boob. Or a hickey or something.


20080322sg3-1.jpg 20080322sg3-2.jpg 20080322sg3-3.jpg 20080322sg3-4.jpg 20080322sg3-6.jpg 20080322sg3-7.jpg 20080322sg3-8.jpg 20080322sg3-9.jpg

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Ha Ha, Oh Wow

How bout this little specimen… Perfect tits and a body built for one thing. I love the poses on this girl too, like in the tub. The title of the post is a little play on her username (its just that hahaohwow). I’m sure its prob deleted by now anyway. Save the pics, they will make you happy.


20080322hhow-21.jpg 20080322hhow-25.jpg 20080322hhow-27.jpg 20080322hhow-212.jpg 20080322hhow-220.jpg 20080322hhow-224.jpg 20080322hhow-227.jpg 20080322hhow-229.jpg 20080322hhow-230.jpg 20080322hhow-236.jpg 20080322hhow-237.jpg 20080322hhow-242.jpg 20080322hhow-243.jpg 20080322hhow-244.jpg 20080322hhow-245.jpg 20080322hhow-246.jpg 20080322hhow-247.jpg 20080322hhow-248.jpg 20080322hhow-249.jpg 20080322hhow-291.jpg 20080322hhow-292.jpg 20080322hhow-293.jpg