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Black Hair, Brunette Or Blonde?

And might I add, WOW. This bitch is fine. I love the shower pics, and those nice natural titties… Now I’ll be honest I cannot tell which looks better and I don’t know even if its the same girl with different hair colors. If you look at the chick making out with the other chick it’s well… hot. Yeah this is my wit for the night, deal with it. I want these bitches to run a train on me, immediately.


20080318mk-0fbe42cd.jpg 20080318mk-dscf0221.jpg 20080318mk-dscf0222.jpg 20080318mk-dscf0223.jpg 20080318mk-dscf0224.jpg 20080318mk-dscf0262.jpg 20080318mk-dscf0284.jpg 20080318mk-dscf0292.jpg 20080318mk-dscf0293.jpg 20080318mk-dscf3217.jpg 20080318mk-dscf3220.jpg 20080318mk-dscf3223.jpg 20080318mk-dscf3248.jpg 20080318mk-dscf3250.jpg 20080318mk-dscf3257.jpg 20080318mk-dscf3710.jpg 20080318mk-dscf3717.jpg 20080318mk-dscf3725.jpg 20080318mk-dscf3730.jpg 20080318mk-dscf4057.jpg 20080318mk-dscf5747.jpg 20080318mk-dscf5787.jpg 20080318mk-dscf5806.jpg 20080318mk-dscf5818.jpg20080318mk-dscf5829.jpg 20080318mk-dscf8149.jpg

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Barbell Pussy Piercing, Giant Tits, Jean Skirt & Boots

I know the title is a bit lengthy, but you can’t say it doesn’t perfectly describe this beautiful piece of woman. Huge stacked titties, pretty face, cute little jean skirt and boots, and she plays with her barbell clit piercing. Not to even mention that smooth shaved pussy. This is one of those girls I’ve been holding on to for a minute :) I hope everyone gives this one a nice rating.


20080318bbp-00048.jpg 20080318bbp-00050.jpg 20080318bbp-00051.jpg 20080318bbp-00052.jpg 20080318bbp-00053.jpg 20080318bbp-00054.jpg 20080318bbp-00055.jpg 20080318bbp-00056.jpg 20080318bbp-00057.jpg 20080318bbp-00058.jpg 20080318bbp-00059.jpg 20080318bbp-00060.jpg

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Patio Pussy

And what may be a third nipple…? This should be an advertisement for Mossimo with that beautiful pussy. Very photogenic girl, who else wants to put things in this girls asshole? Someone called me a pervert yesterday do you believe that shit? I mean what the fuck.


20080317pp-1.jpg 20080317pp-2.jpg 20080317pp-3.jpg 20080317pp-4.jpg 20080317pp-5.jpg 20080317pp-7.jpg 20080317pp-8.jpg 20080317pp-9.jpg 20080317pp-10.jpg 20080317pp-11.jpg 20080317pp-12.jpg 20080317pp-13.jpg 20080317pp-14.jpg 20080317pp-15.jpg 20080317pp-16.jpg

Hope You All Had A Happy St Patricks Day

Hope everyone was safe, and enjoyed their holiday, and most importantly got drunk, and got laid. Because we all know thats what the holiday is about right? A lot of things have been done to make the site run, look, feel and taste better; I hope it is noticeable in one way or the other. I was out of town Friday, Saturday and Sunday so I could fuck women, but I am back now, and since I cannot move my legs much, I am getting back to e-mails and such. I’m also trying to get as many updates up as humanly possible.

We are having a lot more visitors, the traffic seems to increase every day, and I cannot thank those enough who promote the site and spread the word. That’s all I wanted to say, I am about to post some more females tonight and many more will come tomorrow and the next day. One more picture since its St. Patty’s Day related (notice the shamrock) and I’m out to find more whores. Happy viewing everybody!


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Tan Strippers, One With A Beautiful Pussy

Here’s a quick smathering of delicious tan strippers. I love the pussy on the one directly below. Not a lot of nuuudes overall, but sexy girls I thought were worth posting. Happy St. Patricks Day, by the way!


20080317hs-picture008-1.jpg 20080317hs-picture008.jpg 20080317hs-picture009.jpg 20080317hs-picture011-1.jpg 20080317hs-picture012.jpg 20080317hs-picture013.jpg 20080317hs-picture014.jpg 20080317hs-picture016.jpg 20080317hs-picture017-1.jpg 20080317hs-picture018-1.jpg 20080317hs-picture019.jpg 20080317hs-picture031.jpg 20080317hs-picture034.jpg 20080317hs-picture037.jpg 20080317hs-picture047.jpg 20080317hs-picture049.jpg 20080317hs-picture050.jpg 20080317hs-picture061-1.jpg 20080317hs-picture085-1.jpg 20080317hs-picture099.jpg 20080317hs-picture109.jpg 20080317hs-picture111.jpg 20080317hs-picture112-1.jpg 20080317hs-picture115-1.jpg 20080317hs-picture116-1.jpg 20080317hs-picture118.jpg 20080317hs-picture119.jpg 20080317hs-picture122-1.jpg 20080317hs-picture123-1.jpg 20080317hs-picture124.jpg 20080317hs-picture129.jpg 20080317hs-picture130-1.jpg 20080317hs-picture146-1.jpg

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Razor Cunt

What a lovely name yes? That’s what she goes by I suppose… Here’s a few nice grabs I got, she may have had others that got hit by the censors quick, I love the 5 feet of hair she has across her back, holy shit.


20080314rc-dsc00910.jpg 20080314rc-dsc00912.jpg 20080314rc-dsc00915.jpg 20080314rc-dsc00916.jpg 20080314rc-dsc00920.jpg 20080314rc-dsc00921.jpg 20080314rc-dsc00922.jpg 20080314rc-dsc00924.jpg

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Hot Blondie – Part 2 (1st Video)

Here’s the ever-anticipated video I promised… This is only the first, get ready for several more, and more pictures to come in the next week or two! In this video you get a nice little striptease show, and close up pussy.

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Part 1: http://realwebwhores.com/?p=1858