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I’m A Barbie Girl

Now I hope I am not offending the ‘beautiful’ model in these pictures, but good lord women, my girlfriend’s Toyota Celica has less plastic parts on the inside of it! I know a lot of these pictures are NON nude, but could you blame me? It would be like finding a girl with ‘RealWebWhores’ written across the cleavage of her fake breasts and not putting it up cause she didn’t show her pussy. [*Note to any lovely ladies who would like to be on the website, I promise I won’t make fun of you O:) ] But I digress, mostly cause I would put my penis in every orifice of this silicone-filled Playboy girl’s unnaturally disproportionate over-tanned body. All kidding aside, they did a very nice job sweetie.



Wow, I just looked at those ones of her in the red dress and got a Courtney Love flashback. If she straightened her hair and went brunette she’d get a little Angelina Jolie goin on…

20080228d84u-img_2976.jpg 20080228d84u-img_3225.jpg 20080228d84u-img_3515.jpg 20080228d84u-img_3828.jpg 20080228d84u-img_4234.jpg 20080228d84u-img_4253.jpg 20080228d84u-img_4257.jpg 20080228d84u-img_4261.jpg 20080228d84u-img_5415.jpg 20080228d84u-img_5847.jpg 20080228d84u-img_5850.jpg 20080228d84u-img_5852.jpg 20080228d84u-img_5911.jpg 20080228d84u-img_5922.jpg 20080228d84u-img_6050.jpg 20080228d84u-img_6058.jpg 20080228d84u-img_6307.jpg 20080228d84u-img_6315.jpg 20080228d84u-img_6387.jpg 20080228d84u-img_6405.jpg 20080228d84u-img_6426.jpg

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Photobucket : (Forgot)
First Name : (Unknown)

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These College Chicks Are Fucking Weird

At least they take naked pictures though right? They are on some team or something at some college. From the looks of it, it looks like the OCC, Orange County College. That’s like some kinda Ivy League school right? Well these future scholars of California are well representing there proud college, if I do say so myself. I’m glad they had a nice camera with them as well.


20080226occ-coastlasvegas07072.jpg 20080226occ-coastlasvegas07073.jpg 20080226occ-coastlasvegas07074.jpg 20080226occ-coastlasvegas07076.jpg 20080226occ-coastlasvegas07078.jpg 20080226occ-coastlasvegas07079.jpg 20080226occ-coastlasvegas07081.jpg 20080226occ-coastlasvegas07082.jpg 20080226occ-coastlasvegas07083.jpg 20080226occ-coastlasvegas07085.jpg 20080226occ-minnehaha076.jpg 20080226occ-minnehaha077.jpg 20080226occ-minnehaha078.jpg 20080226occ-minnehaha079.jpg 20080226occ-minnehaha080.jpg 20080226occ-minnehaha081.jpg 20080226occ-minnehaha082.jpg 20080226occ-minnehaha083.jpg 20080226occ-minnehaha084.jpg 20080226occ-minnehaha086.jpg 20080226occ-minnehaha088.jpg 20080226occ-minnehaha089.jpg 20080226occ-minnehaha092.jpg 20080226occ-minnehaha093.jpg 20080226occ-minnehaha094.jpg 20080226occ-minnesota023.jpg 20080226occ-minnesota106.jpg 20080226occ-minnesota111.jpg 20080226occ-minnesota113.jpg 20080226occ-minnesota118.jpg 20080226occ-minnesota121.jpg 20080226occ-minnesota153.jpg 20080226occ-minnesota154.jpg

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Photobucket : OCCFlorida
First Name(s) : (Unknown)
Forum Thread : 5233

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Skinny Crotch Rocket Girl

I know there’s only one pic of her on a bike, but based on her MySpace / Photobucket accounts, I’d say she loves the crotch rockets. I almost didn’t put this one up because the quality of the pics were so garbage, but a lot of people like the skinny girls with the really long hair, so whateva, I’ll throw another update for you guys tonight.


20080226sg1-398498535_orig.jpg 20080226sg1-398498541_orig.jpg 20080226sg1-591875509_orig.jpg 20080226sg1-591875513_orig.jpg 20080226sg1-i.jpg 20080226sg1-l_3117d187f313f1da3c34fafb52b08360.jpg 20080226sg1-l_ce566ae34166c61ab03a2b4d30ed2259.jpg

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Super Tan Girl, Close Up Everything

This is a very bad girl. With appropriately named pictures with the prefix badd :). So hot, a little too tan for my tastes, but what I would do with those big natural titties.


20080225bl-badd004.jpg 20080225bl-badd008.jpg 20080225bl-badd014.jpg 20080225bl-badd016.jpg 20080225bl-badd023.jpg 20080225bl-badd033.jpg 20080225bl-badd037.jpg 20080225bl-badd043.jpg 20080225bl-badd044.jpg 20080225bl-badd046.jpg 20080225bl-badd048.jpg 20080225bl-badd052.jpg 20080225bl-badd053.jpg 20080225bl-badd056.jpg 20080225bl-badd058.jpg 20080225bl-badd064.jpg 20080225bl-badd066.jpg 20080225bl-badd070.jpg 20080225bl-badd080.jpg 20080225bl-badd086.jpg 20080225bl-badd088.jpg 20080225bl-random012.jpg 20080225bl-random013.jpg 20080225bl-random0151.jpg 20080225bl-random016.jpg

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Hot Asian-ish Chick Pics, 2 Masturbating Vids To Follow!

This chick has a perfect body I must say. Pics aren’t great resolution, taken with some kinda webcam, the videos are excellent! They will be posted up later tonight or tomorrow…


20080225ha-100-0001-2.jpg 20080225ha-100-0001.jpg
20080225ha-100-0002.jpg 20080225ha-100-0004.jpg

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Topless Chick With Short Black Hair

Damn this girl is cute. Shes standing over the tub and the bathroom floor, topless and teasing. I think she has a guitar belly button ring.


20080224lld-cimg0400.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0401.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0477.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0478.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0481.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0482.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0483.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0484.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0485.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0486.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0487.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0488.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0489.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0490.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0491.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0492.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0493.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0496.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0497.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0500.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0505.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0506.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0507.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0508.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0516.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0517.jpg 20080224lld-cimg0518.jpg

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Photobucket : LaurenLovesDave
First Name : Lauren

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Stunningly Hot Blonde With A Perfect 10 Body

Thought this was a good first for the new server! Had this one for a while can’t remember from where, but goddamn is this a sexy girl. Beautiful enormous tits, possibly even natural, fantastic black and white photoset, mmm…


20080223hb-1.jpg 20080223hb-2.jpg 20080223hb-3.jpg 20080223hb-4.jpg 20080223hb-6.jpg 20080223hb-7.jpg 20080223hb-9.jpg