The Long Awaited…

OK guys and girls, back after the long awaited hiatus. Here’s what happened: While transferring the site over to the new server, I had manually changed my computer to redirect to the new site’s server and do a lot of tests to make sure it worked. Any posts made on the new servers may have caused errors etc, any posts done on the old server would have been lost in the transfer. I had to wait for my old server to update the DNS. They kept asking, why do you want to change the DNS, why do you want a new server? I told em to change it fast or heads would roll.

Finally we are on the new server, new posts coming tonight and tomorrow. Hope you guys enjoy! Keep the requests and contributions coming, I am very appreciative of all the support! I also fixed the ratings so they appear above posts in the searches and archives. Let me know how the new server is working for everyone as well!


Countdown is over, new server has been put in motion, you could say. The order was put in and it says it may take 2-8 hours to setup. Once that is complete I will receive a confirmation e-mail, and I am not sure yet if I will still have to wait the 48 hours to refresh the dns and have it working, I think its more instant now. I’ll keep ya posted!

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2 Stunning Naked Blonde Girls Making Out In The Bathtub

I call this series ‘2 Girls 1 Bath’. With the steam all over it resembles my dream sequences perfectly. Some good quality pics and a great photographer. I predict these 2 sluts will be rated number 1 at the end of the day. Another belated happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!


20080215dez-brittbjdez2.jpg 20080215dez-brittbjdez.jpg 20080215dez-dezbath.jpg 20080215dez-deztattoo2.jpg 20080215dez-deztattoo.jpg 20080215dez-p1000026.jpg 20080215dez-p1000144.jpg 20080215dez-p1030344.jpg 20080215dez-p1030345.jpg 20080215dez-p1030346.jpg 20080215dez-p1030347.jpg 20080215dez-p1030348.jpg 20080215dez-p1030349.jpg 20080215dez-p1030350.jpg 20080215dez-p1030351.jpg 20080215dez-p1030352.jpg 20080215dez-p1030353.jpg 20080215dez-p1030354.jpg 20080215dez-p1030355.jpg 20080215dez-p1030356.jpg 20080215dez-p1030357.jpg 20080215dez-p1030359.jpg

Download Picture Set From FileFactory
Download Picture Set From Uploaded

Photobucket : Dezzle
First Name(s) : (Unknown)

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Little Freckled Girl, Rosie Cheeks, Curly Hair

Not too shabby, small pictures, but a cute face. She looks like she could suck a mean dick thats for sure.


Happy Valentine’s Day btw. I would have put more updates together but Valentine’s Day pussy was there and the gettin was good ;).

20080214tjm-umm016.jpg 20080214tjm-umm018.jpg 20080214tjm-umm045.jpg 20080214tjm-umm060.jpg 20080214tjm-umm063.jpg 20080214tjm-umm068.jpg 20080214tjm-umm072.jpg 20080214tjm-umm077.jpg 20080214tjm-umm079.jpg 20080214tjm-umm091.jpg

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Topless Blonde On Couch & With Stripper Pole

A few quick ones of this little European model. Don’t quote me on that though. She’s at least an aspiring model. I stopped caring about what women did with their time long before I started this website. When I come home I want a girl to ask me how my day was, and before I finish answering I want her mouth on my dick. I could give a fuck what she did with her day.


20080212csx-img_0918.jpg 20080212csx-img_0973.jpg 20080212csx-img_0975.jpg 20080212csx-img_0995.jpg 20080212csx-img_0997.jpg 20080212csx-img_0999.jpg 20080212csx-img_1000.jpg 20080212csx-img_1007.jpg 20080212csx-img_1008.jpg 20080212csx-img_1066.jpg 20080212csx-p1010034.jpg 20080212csx-p1010040.jpg 20080212csx-p1010042.jpg 20080212csx-p1010048.jpg 20080212csx-p1010050.jpg 20080212csx-p1010059.jpg 20080212csx-p1010061.jpg 20080212csx-p1010062.jpg 20080212csx-p1010076.jpg 20080212csx-p1010110.jpg 20080212csx-p1010111.jpg 20080212csx-p1010112.jpg 20080212csx-p1010116.jpg 20080212csx-p1010118.jpg

Official Countdown Starts…

5. That means right now, 12:00 AM EST Monday Night, Tuesday Morning, is exactly FIVE days away from a NEW Server! Yay! This will hopefully be the first of VERY MANY new servers! What I am doing is upgrading to a Bigger Storage, Better Server & A lot more bandwidth, that can be increased as needed. In the next month I hope to have enough funds available to grab this site its own dedicated server, the problem I run into besides the obvious cost, is will I be able to deal with the amount of bandwidth if I run a dedicated server… So this month will hopefully end with a decent benchmark.

Midnight Saturday Night, Sunday Morning, so the first Minute of the next week, I should have the new server up! (Or on the way of becoming up). I will be posting new girls tomorrow, and each day on…

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Topless Beach Girls From Denmark!

Now if this isn’t making up for taking a day off this week, I don’t know what is. I wonder if Danish girls are really this hot? If that’s the case I may be moving soon. I guess most of the beaches there are topless or completely nude. I guess this cause I want it to be true.


These pics are all super high resolution too! I just wish the douche-bags who are with these girls, somehow, weren’t in the pictures with em :\

20080210vak-vakantie01.jpg 20080210vak-vakantie02.jpg 20080210vak-vakantie03.jpg 20080210vak-vakantie042.jpg 20080210vak-vakantie05.jpg 20080210vak-vakantie06.jpg 20080210vak-vakantie07.jpg 20080210vak-vakantie08.jpg 20080210vak-vakantie10.jpg 20080210vak-vakantie12.jpg 20080210vak-vakantie13.jpg 20080210vak-vakantie14.jpg