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4 Quick Pics I Found, White Girl With A Wet Pussy

Just had to grab a few, the only four that were in this fuckin girls folder. Nice pics though, even though the quality is shitty. I’ll make it up to you in about 10 minutes don’t worry :).


20080210sg4u-askljfasjlasfd050.jpg 20080210sg4u-askljfasjlasfd051.jpg 20080210sg4u-newwww1349567595.jpg

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Pimp & Ho Parties Tonight

I wouldn’t have posted this if this bitch wasn’t wearing the lovely hand print, see-through little number. She did take a few really nice shots of her nuuude body, 1 of which Photobucket got to first and deleted before I could find it. I’m definitely one for originality though, what can I say?


20080209fes-47b7cc36b3127cce98548aba20460000002.jpg 20080209fes-bffxxx-masparty12-2007119.jpg 20080209fes-bffxxx-masparty12-2007122.jpg 20080209fes-bffxxx-masparty12-2007123.jpg 20080209fes-cherylsbachlorette068.jpg 20080209fes-cherylswedding059.jpg 20080209fes-chuckspimpandhoparty122006003.jpg 20080209fes-chuckspimpandhoparty122006005.jpg 20080209fes-chuckspimpandhoparty122006007.jpg 20080209fes-chuckspimpandhoparty122006008.jpg 20080209fes-chuckspimpandhoparty122006021.jpg 20080209fes-eac8956b.jpg 20080209fes-fabiana06.jpg 20080209fes-glamourshots015.jpg 20080209fes-glamourshots027.jpg 20080209fes-glamourshots028.jpg 20080209fes-glamourshots031.jpg 20080209fes-hi-1.jpg 20080209fes-ph2.jpg 20080209fes-picture044.jpg 20080209fes-picture064.jpg 20080209fes-thepole.jpg

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Pretty Girl, Ugly Ass Bedroom

And did I mention a HUGE fuckin resolution? Try 2592×1944, pretty damn big, even overkill for some, particularly those width bandwidth to think about. Enjoy zooming in boys and girls. Also someone buy this girl a god damn magic eraser for her walls, jesus christ.


Can anyone say NO to a girl who does a naked handstand? I have yet to meet that person.


20080207pguar-dscn0185.jpg 20080207pguar-dscn0195.jpg 20080207pguar-dscn0196.jpg 20080207pguar-dscn0202.jpg 20080207pguar-dscn0203.jpg 20080207pguar-dscn0204.jpg 20080207pguar-dscn0206.jpg 20080207pguar-dscn0210.jpg 20080207pguar-dscn0396.jpg 20080207pguar-dscn0398.jpg 20080207pguar-dscn0400.jpg 20080207pguar-dscn0401.jpg 20080207pguar-dscn0436.jpg 20080207pguar-dscn1160.jpg 20080207pguar-dscn0436.jpg

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Hot 18 Year Old High Res Masturbating Video

Found on the good ol’ Photobucket a while back. One of my favorite amateur videos I’ve ever seen! 640×480 resolution, super high quality, and very close up! Enjoy…

Get the Flash Player to see this content.

Heres a link if you’d like to save it too!
Since I know it may take a while to load with its size…

Aaand, thumbnails in a few guys!

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I Truly Believe Not Enough Hot Girls Give Head

Especially on here, a website called RealWebWhores. To make up for this injustice heres a lovely young lady in a bikini… ALSO they are very very HIGH RES with no blurriness, I know how much some people hate that ;).


I bet she swallows, she looks like a good girl.

20080206hbj-norsk_001.jpg 20080206hbj-norsk_002.jpg 20080206hbj-norsk_007.jpg
20080206hbj-norsk_008.jpg 20080206hbj-norsk_009.jpg

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Kimberley And Her Friends In Wet T-Shirts!

KimberleyGordon, I think Kimberly is spelled that way in the UK. I also think she happens to be a photographer or a model or something. She took a beautiful little shoot for us with her friends, all in wet t-shirts! Very sexy girl, another 10 for sure! Not to mention her friends… I think this is like 1 of only a few sets on here that are quote ‘non-nude’. You can still see-through and see the booobs :D. Would I ever disappoint you?


20080206kg-img_8438.jpg 20080206kg-img_8440.jpg 20080206kg-img_8457.jpg 20080206kg-img_8467.jpg 20080206kg-img_8478.jpg 20080206kg-img_8498.jpg 20080206kg-img_8504.jpg 20080206kg-img_8521.jpg 20080206kg-img_8524.jpg 20080206kg-img_8532.jpg 20080206kg-img_8539.jpg 20080206kg-img_8544.jpg 20080206kg-img_8547.jpg 20080206kg-img_8565.jpg 20080206kg-img_8585.jpg 20080206kg-img_8589.jpg 20080206kg-img_8607.jpg

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Ashkg212Jesus, So Many Pictures – Part 4

I have so many of these fuckin pictures, its really hard to go through and find em. She keeps makin new Photobucket accounts for some reason, and reposting a lot of pictures, but they have no real order. Well hope theres no repeats in this one, its mostly her drunk with a friend of hers, enjoy!


Part 1: http://realwebwhores.com/?p=504
Part 2: http://realwebwhores.com/?p=713
Part 3: http://realwebwhores.com/?p=1030
Part 5: http://realwebwhores.com/?p=1733

20080205akg212j4-cimg3270.jpg 20080205akg212j4-cimg3271.jpg 20080205akg212j4-cimg3273.jpg 20080205akg212j4-cimg3274.jpg 20080205akg212j4-cimg3280.jpg 20080205akg212j4-cimg3283.jpg 20080205akg212j4-cimg3284.jpg 20080205akg212j4-cimg3285.jpg 20080205akg212j4-cimg3286.jpg 20080205akg212j4-cimg3287.jpg 20080205akg212j4-cimg3288.jpg 20080205akg212j4-cimg3290.jpg 20080205akg212j4-cimg3294.jpg 20080205akg212j4-cimg3297.jpg 20080205akg212j4-cimg3298.jpg 20080205akg212j4-cimg3299.jpg 20080205akg212j4-cimg3300.jpg 20080205akg212j4-cimg3336.jpg 20080205akg212j4-cimg3344.jpg

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Photobucket : AshKG212Jesus
First Name : Ashley