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Skinny Mexican Girl Masturbating On Cam Video – (Part 1 of 2)

I pulled this one up from the vaults, I have like 3 or 4 videos of this little Mexican girl masturbating on her webcam from a few years back. Heres the first, screenshots below.

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snapshot20080116073835_1.jpg snapshot20080116073852_1.jpg
snapshot20080116073916_1.jpg snapshot20080116073925_1.jpg

Download Video (FLV) From Uploading
Download Video (FLV) From HotFile

Source : (Unknown)
First Name : (Unknown)
Forum Thread : ..

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Strip Clubs, Threesomes & Showers Oh My!

This guys Photobucket has everything you could want, just stupid sloppy whores. Girls making out with cum in their mouths, 2 girls giving a blowjob at the same time, self-pics in the mirror, pictures at the girls place of employment (the strip club, where the fuck else) and of the course the shower photos. These girls are pierced up, and built to take dick. DGAF we just don’t give fuck, take that society, el oh el.


There were a lot of pics on this account (babymichael503 for those who care) about 5 or 6 were killed by Photobucket, but most were just garbage or pictures of the floppy-titted ones baby. Or pictures of the stupid clothing company with the generic Californian bullshit and the DGAF everywhere. Damn strippers and their babies, tell your man to wear a fuckin rubber, you goddamn disease spreading whore.

20080115bm503-8-07023.jpg 20080115bm503-8-07024.jpg 20080115bm503-187incbathingsuit010.jpg 20080115bm503-187incbathingsuit012.jpg 20080115bm503-33333.jpg 20080115bm503-aug1207003.jpg 20080115bm503-fukinhotmenkt.jpg

20080115bm503-hot-1.jpg 20080115bm503-img_9928.jpg 20080115bm503-l_43712c0a64cc6bf07a6cfcfbe5411c7f.jpg 20080115bm503-l_46585bb3d979a7997ab0ae771cfb9313.jpg 20080115bm503-l_7551289905555377970f54d7e0b64d94.jpg 20080115bm503-l_ac8e24c7d4966f8c1f340033ac0632bf.jpg 20080115bm503-mreeee.jpg 20080115bm503-newhot.jpg 20080115bm503-newhotmyspace9.jpg 20080115bm503-partysept07005.jpg 20080115bm503-partysept07009.jpg 20080115bm503-partysept07010.jpg 20080115bm503-sexy008.jpg 20080115bm503-temeculada044-2.jpg 20080115bm503-temeculada047.jpg 20080115bm503-temeculada052.jpg 20080115bm503-temeculada053.jpg 20080115bm503-temeculada054.jpg 20080115bm503-tens.jpg 20080115bm503-tens2.jpg 20080115bm503-tens41.jpg 20080115bm503-xxxdontopenbewarexxx006.jpg 20080115bm503-xxxdontopenbewarexxx028.jpg 20080115bm503-xxxdontopenbewarexxx052.jpg 20080115bm503-xxxdontopenbewarexxx053.jpg 20080115bm503-xxxdontopenbewarexxx054.jpg 20080115bm503-xxxdontopenbewarexxx059.jpg

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One Of The Hottest Fucking Shower Scenes Ever, Period

So I found this chick randomly searching around MySpace and PB. Nothing but one set of this hot fuckin chick. All in the original format 1024×768 res takin with a Panasonic DMC-FX07, which for those unaware is one of those $350 Lumix digi-cams. These pictures seem to have been taken, with love, for Jason. Now Jason, if you’re reading this, you better get over to this girls house and plow her til she bleeds out of her ears.


Yes, I did batch the pics to make em not 500+ kb a piece. But, there is absolutely NO loss of quality. Notice the ‘Class of 2007′ picture in the back. That sounds like 18 to me!

20080114fho-deltete002.jpg 20080114fho-deltete003.jpg 20080114fho-deltete004.jpg 20080114fho-deltete005.jpg 20080114fho-deltete006.jpg 20080114fho-deltete007.jpg 20080114fho-deltete008.jpg 20080114fho-deltete009.jpg 20080114fho-deltete010.jpg 20080114fho-deltete011.jpg 20080114fho-deltete014.jpg 20080114fho-deltete015.jpg

Quick Note: DDOS Attacks

If you’ve noticed the database and/or server down for few second intervals lately in the last 48 hours, my server informed me they were receiving DDOS Attacks, basically someone tryin to fuck with the server for whatever reason. It seems fine now, but an hour ago when I went to access it the database was down for a minute. Just bear with me, and keep spreading the site around, the more people I get the better servers I will upgrade to, that is a promise!

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FMFBitch & Her Slut-Whore Friends – Part 3 of 5 (Black & White)

Heres the long awaited Part 3. I say long awaited because after I posted the first 2 I saw a lot of people coming here after searching for FMFBitch on Google and such. Still got 2 more for ya.


Part 1 (Blue & Yellow): http://realwebwhores.com/?p=770
Part 2 (All Black): http://realwebwhores.com/?p=859

20080112fmfb77c-1c6d.jpg 20080112fmfb77c-3f85.jpg 20080112fmfb77c-4b68.jpg 20080112fmfb77c-40b3.jpg 20080112fmfb77c-3361.jpg 20080112fmfb77c-3874.jpg 20080112fmfb77c-9317.jpg 20080112fmfb77c-cbca.jpg

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Perfect Body In Mirror

Now this girl is a fuckin 10. Absolutely perfect body in the mirror, which are my fav types of pictures. Beautiful lingerie modeling, such a great hottie. This is one of the accounts that I don’t remember where it came from. I have hundreds like that to sort through. But hey, this is one of the best!


20080111pgim-0001.jpg 20080111pgim-0002.jpg 20080111pgim-0004.jpg 20080111pgim-0005.jpg 20080111pgim-0006.jpg 20080111pgim-0007.jpg 20080111pgim-0008.jpg 20080111pgim-0009.jpg 20080111pgim-0010.jpg 20080111pgim-0011.jpg

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Some Outstanding Photography

This girl is damn good, at both taking pics and being a hot slut. Her Photobucket is called (its a secret). Definitely some original art here that I have yet to see anywhere else. Enjoy.


20080111ip-100_6531.jpg 20080111ip-100_6549.jpg 20080111ip-100_7142.jpg 20080111ip-100_7143.jpg